PS4 Update Adds Support for Blu-ray 3D


Sony’s latest system update 1.75 for PlayStation 4 is now available and among other improvements includes support for 3D Blu-ray. The update comes just a week after the 1.74 update issued last week, and also includes…

GoPro channel launches on Xbox One

GoPro has launched an official channel for the Xbox One that gives Xbox Live members access to GoPro videos to stream on-demand. The channel is available to members worldwide, and has launched with four videos exclusively…

Microsoft details new Xbox One update, includes Blu-ray 3D support

Based on many of the recommendations and comments received from Xbox Feedback, Microsoft has detailed what to expect from the next Xbox One update. The update will first be available to those with early access, then…

Showtime Anytime app now available for Xbox 360, Xbox One by Year’s End


Xbox 360 owners have waited patiently for the Showtime Anytime app to hit Xbox Live, and as of yesterday the app officially launched. Showtime Anytime is free to download but you’ll need to authenticate with a valid…

Here’s what app channels are available on Xbox One


Part of Xbox One’s marketing campaign revolves around the console being an entertainment center, but so far the ‘One’ hasn’t exactly been churning out app channel options. While the Xbox 360 lineup has grown to 66…

Nintendo Absent, Microsoft and Sony Duke it Out at E3


Last week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo was all about the new, fourth-generation consoles and what games players can expect from them in the coming year. Industry titans like Microsoft and Sony headlined the conference, but third developers…

PS Now open beta for PlayStation 4 will be available first in US mainland


The PlayStation Now (PS Now) open beta for PlayStation 4 will open on July 31, 2014 to U.S. residents on the mainland and parts of Canada (sorry folks in Hawaii and Alaska but you’ll have to…

New Xbox One apps include HBO Go, ShowTime Anytime & Twitter

XboxOne MiniGuide Twitter

Microsoft announced today that 46 apps are on the way for Xbox One, including the long awaited HBO Go and Showtime Anytime apps. The new additions will increase the number of apps available for Xbox One…

Xbox One owners await EPIX channel app support


The Xbox One has been out for seven months now, but those of you who own the console and subscribe to the Epix suite of channels may have noticed the lack of a dedicated app. While…

Xbox Live to give pro-rated refunds to Gold subscribers


Yesterday, Microsoft announced everyone with an Xbox will be able to access app-based services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video without an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Previously, owners would need to pay $60…

Hulu Plus remote control launches for Xbox & PlayStation


Hulu Plus has launched remote control support for iOS and Android phones and tablets used in conjunction with Xbox One, PlayStation3 (PS3) and PlayStation4 (PS4) consoles. The basic remote functions include pause/resume, seek, and 10-second rewind…

Starz’s Encore and MoviePlex apps launch for Xbox 360, Xbox One coming soon

Xbox MoviePLex TopHits Screen1

The Starz authenticated TV apps ENCORE PLAY and MOVIEPLEX PLAY have launched for the Xbox 360 today, joining the already available STARZ PLAY app through Microsoft’s Xbox Live app store. The apps are free to download…

MLB.TV app for Xbox One to launch opening day


MLB.TV has promised us the MLB.TV app will launch for Xbox One consoles on opening day of the 2014 Major League Baseball season. An Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to download the app via the…

New slate of entertainment apps hitting Xbox One, Xbox 360 this week


A new slew of entertainment options are being rolled out on Microsoft’s two gaming consoles this week.

Sony to develop original TV shows for PlayStation Network


Sony has announced plans to launch new original TV shows to distribute exclusively through the PlayStation console, in an attempt to expand beyond gaming and into the realm of content creation. “Powers” will be the first…

Microsoft angers early adopters by offering free ‘Forza 5′

forza 5

Getting a free game like Forza 5 sounds like a great deal for new Xbox One customers, right? No. It’s actually an “absolute slap in the face”—at least that’s according to a chunk of the console’s early adopters.

Jack Tretton leaves Sony Computer Entertainment as president

jack tretton

The veteran PlayStation exec steps down as the PS4 is taking off.

Sony boasts PS4 sales exceed 6 million


This morning Sony Computer Entertainment announced sales of the PlayStation 4 gaming console have exceeded 6 million units since its launch last November. The 6 million represents worldwide sales, and includes 370,000 PS4 consoles sold in Japan…

‘Grounded: The making of The Last of Us’ exclusive documentary

Sony Computer Entertainment has released an exclusive full-length documentary titled “Grounded: The making of The Last of Us” to YouTube, giving us an insider’s look at Naughty Dog’s creation of the PlayStation 3 game that won Best…

Microsoft unveils ‘Titanfall’ Xbox One bundle

titanfall bundle

It’s the first bargain offered with the Xbox One. You get a digital copy of the game and everything else for the same $500 asking price.

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