Comcast XFINITY TV HD Channels

comcast xfinity logoHere’s a list of HD (High Definition) channels available from Comcast Xfinity TV that’s easily viewable on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. Channel availability and location may vary according to the market. Local HD station locations may also vary. Share this page on Facebook and Twitter for easy reference! You can sort the channels by number or name by clicking on the table header below.

Xfinity TV HD Channels

Channel # Channel Name
1830 5 StarMAX
1402 A&E Network HD
1008 ABC
1824 ActionMAX
1405 AMC HD
1471 Animal Planet HD
AT&T SportsNet
1709 BabyFirst TV
1418 BBC America HD
1117 BBC World News (North America)
1625 BET HD
1313 BIG “Big Ten Network” HD
1122 Bloomberg HD
1173 Bounce (WTNH-DT2) (some markets)
1463 Bravo HD
1734 Cartoon Network HD
1303 CBS Sports Network HD
1821 CineMAX (Pacific)
1820 CineMAX HD
1834 Cinemax Spanish
1121 CNBC HD
1111 CNN HD
1201 Comcast iND HD +C
1435 Comedy Central HD
1485 Cooking Channel HD
1608 Country Music Television HD
1487 Destination America HD
1714 Discovery Family Channel HD
Discovery HD
1715 Disney Channel HD
1701 Disney Junior US
1716 Disney XD HD
1466 E! Entertainment Television HD
1790 EPIX (now MGM+)
1205 ESPN
1231 ESPN Deportes – some markets
1206 ESPN2 HD
1771 Flix
1484 Food Network HD
1061 FOX
1123 Fox Business HD
1110 Fox News Channel HD
1208 Fox Sports 1 HD
1742 Freeform HD
1208 FS1 (Fox Sports 1) HD
1209 FS2 (Fox Sports 2) HD
1467 Fuse HD
1409 FX HD
1766 FXM
1410 FXX HD
1486 FYI HD
999 Galavision Cable Network HD
1370 Game HD 1 (MLB / NHL)
1371 Game HD 2  (MLB / NHL)
Game Show Network HD
1425 GSN
1458 Hallmark Channel HD
1459 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD
1803 HBO (Pacific)
1810 HBO Comedy
1808 HBO Family
1802 HBO HD
1814 HBO Latino HD
1801 HBO On Demand
1806 HBO Signature
1804 HBO2 HD
506 HD -XFINITY On Demand
507 HD Movies – XFINITY On Demand
1751 HD Movies – XFINITY On Demand
508 HD Premium Channels – XFINITY On Demand
1800 HD Premium Channels – XFINITY On Demand
1478 History HD
1112 HLN HD
1492 Home & Garden Television HD
1015 HSN HD
1438 IFC HD
1758 IndiePlex
1444 Investigation Discovery HD
1026 ION Television (some markets)
1455 Lifetime HD
1456 Lifetime Movies HD
1439 LOGO (some markets)
1765 MGM HD (was EPIX)
1219 MLB HD
1822 MoreMAX
1243 Motortrend HD
1828 MovieMax
1757 MoviePlex
1880 Movies – XFINITY On Demand
1606 MTV – Music Television HD
MTV Live
1035 MyTV (WCTXDT) (some markets)
1473 National Geographic HD
1472 National Geographic Wild HD
1387 NBA League Pass/MLS Direct Kick HDTV
1030 NBC
1251 NBC Sports Boston HD
1127 New England Cable News HD
1250 New England Sports Network HD
1255 New England Sports Network Plus HD
News Nation Prime
1114 Newsy SD
1215 NFL Network HD
1216 NFL RedZone HD
1370 NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra Innings HDTV
1217 NHL Network HD
NHL Tonight HD
1702 Nick Jr
1729 Nick Too East
1728 Nickelodeon HD
1727 Nicktoons Network
1222 Olympic Channel
1464 Oprah Winfrey Network HD
1236 Outdoor Channel
1832 OuterMAX
1462 Ovation TV HD
1465 Oxygen HD
1329 Pac-12 Network
1412 Paramount Network HD
1024 PBS
1427 POP HD
1034 QVC HD
RedZone HD
1756 RetroPlex
1451 SCI “Science Channel” HD
1321 SEC Network HD
1842 SHO 2 HD
1052 SHOPHQ (some markets)
1848 Showtime Extreme
1840 Showtime HD
1846 Showtime Showcase
1477 Smithsonian HD Network
SPOFD “Sports Overflow”
Sportsman Channel
1253 Sportsnet NY Blackout – Connecticut HD
1876 Starz Cinema
1878 Starz Comedy
1870 Starz Edge
1775 Starz Encore Action
1779 Starz Encore Classic
1773 Starz Encore HD
1782 Starz Encore Suspense
1868 Starz HD
1872 Starz in Black
1874 Starz Kids
1411 SYFY HD
1434 TBS HD
1740 Teen Nick
1224 Tennis Channel HD
The CW
1449 The Discovery Channel HD
1223 The Golf Channel HD
1450 The Learning Channel HD
1862 The Movie Channel Extra
1860 The Movie Channel HD
1237 The Sportsman Channel
1488 The Travel Channel HD
1102 The Weather Channel HD
1826 ThrillerMAX
1430 truTV HD
1755 Turner Classic Movies HD
1404 Turner Network TV HD
1626 TV ONE HD
1881 TV Shows On Demand
1707 Universal Kids HD
1229 Univision Deportes Network
1457 UP TV HD
1403 USA Network HD
1243 Velocity
1607 VH1 HD
1436 VICE HD
1428 WE TV HD
1254 Yes Network HD

Please let us know if we are missing any channels or updates in the comments below. Channel numbers based on Hartford, CT. If your market has a different channel lineup try using Comcast’s Xfinity TV local channel finder.

Source: Comcast Xfinity


  1. Great website! I’ve been a Comcast Xfinity TV user for years, and this comprehensive list of HD channels is incredibly useful. It’s great to see all the options available in crystal-clear quality. Thanks for putting this together, it’s a fantastic resource. Keep up the excellent work! – Gary Ford

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  3. Customers of Comcast XFINITY TV get access to a huge selection of HD channels. Depending on your region and the particular XFINITY TV package you have selected, the precise lineup of HD channels that are accessible may change.

  4. where can we watch the Iditarod live? The Greatest Race on Earth as it is half way through and it is history of a feat accomplished in 1925 to bring serum to save lives – why is it not streaming live on some channel??

  5. They now have Discovery+ for $4.99 a month on top of the $180 a month we already spend for one tv and internet. I wanted ID CHANNEL , in you live in Broward County Florida it is on channel 111. Comcast/Xfinity it’s a total rip off good thing this is not in my name. We did not have TV for 3 months to be honest the reading and time away was relaxing and I got better rest. My thoughts to families, get away from your TV , spend time doing other more valuable things with your time. Learn to play an instrument, write that book, buy a bike, start walking in the evening.. take that 200 a month a put it in a piggy bank then take yourself away, or your family or just enjoy that xtra money. Buy yourself the peace of not being drained by all the social things you are exposed to. Write letters to your friends and family. Old school ways are not so bad.

  6. What happened to the French channel 688 [Monde]. It apparently has been shifted but I received no notice of this. I am still being charged for something I can’t view.

  7. January 2, 2020
    Why Star Wars: The last Jedi broadcasted by TNT last only 77 minute instead of 1 hour and 59 minutes?

  8. We changed our package and found out ID Discovery and the WE Network are no longer available, period no matter what package you get. Why do they keep showing up on our channel lineup? According to the phone representative we first spoke to, we received these channels a lot longer than many others because we were “grandfathered” which I don’t understand. Either you can get the channels or you can’t. We were, also, told the contract ran out a while ago. I wish someone would explain how this makes any sense. Thank you.

  9. We renewed our promotion today only to discover that channel 1444 Investigstion Discovery is not included We are more that very angry and are considering dropping Comcast. When will Comcast and Discovery come to terms to restart this show?

  10. This list is either very old, or your market has it a lot better than ours. We have Comcast/Xfinity, and only the primary premium channels of HBO, Showtime, Stars, etc. are in HD. All of these services subchannels (HBO 2, HBO Family, HBO Comedy, Showtime 2, Showtime Extreme, etc.) are all in SD. Yet channels like Me TV and TV Land are in HD, even though all the old TV shows they air are in SD. Stupid!!!

  11. We continually lose our HD on local channels. Have problems with 187, 188, 189 and 191 — it comes and goes. We can get the regular channel with no problem but not the HD. Comcast sent a signal and it fixed it; however, an hour later we lost the HD again. This has been happening for the last few weeks. What is the Comcast problem?????

  12. We just got WOW network and they failed to hooked our free HBO channel for 30 days. What do I need to do to get HBO? I am watching Game of Thrones and now I can’t finish watching it with WOW TV.

  13. Where did you commenters ever get the idea that Comcast gives a damn about its customers? Obviously, they’re in it for the money and nothing else!

  14. For $200.00/mo. we deserve to know why you keep changing the channels. The guide that is posted above was last updated on 12/26/16. Are you kidding me? The money that my family pays you, you should provide a leather bound directory to my family. What a ripoff.

  15. The channel changing is so confusing. Why the change? I wood like to see you send your customers a list of all the HD channel listings.

  16. The list above is WRONG. Fox News is not 820… It is 1110. We HATE the confusion you have caused us. Where do we get a CORRECT, current list of channel numbers??


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