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Xbox Series X & Series S already Sold Out

It’s a big day for Microsoft as pre-orders began for the Xbox Series S and Series X consoles scheduled to release on Nov. 10, 2020.

To get in the fun (and also to order at least one of the consoles!) we tried using several retailer websites with zero-percent success.

Target sold out very quickly of both the Series X ($499) and Series S ($299) models. There isn’t even an “Add to Wishlist” button or anything — just an “Add to Registry” button – hahah.


Walmart is also “Out of Stock” on both models although they do have a “Get In-Stock Alert” button which we’re sure is great for email collection.

Amazon shows the Series X as “Currently unavailable” with the additional message “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” The online behemoth isn’t even listing the Xbox Series S yet.


Microsoft’s website seemed to be twitching out all morning but regardless each console was listed as “Sold Out” — although they do provide links for both models to retailers Target, Walmart and Amazon (with the exception of the Series S model).


Best Buy seemed to be the most hopeful of the bunch. We were able to add a Series S to the cart. However, when attempting to change the zip code or switch back to pick-up an error message said “We are not able to place the order with the method you chose.” Then, after several attempts the screen shot above appeared.

Maybe Amazon will come through with some stock before the release date. Here’s a link to the Xbox Series X product page.

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