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“Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” starring John Krasinski

Here’s a list of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other titles available in 4k Ultra HD on Amazon Prime Video, some with HDR (High Dynamic Range) color enhancement on TVs that support it. This list includes titles available with Prime Video as well as titles that can be purchased or rented. Share this page and come back often for updates! New to streaming in 4k? Be sure to read How to Stream in 4k Ultra HD on Amazon.

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4k Movies & TV Series on Amazon Video

Title 4k HDR Audio
Prime Series in 4k (w/Prime)
Alpha House (Seasons 1, 2) 5.1
Absentia 5.1
All or Nothing 5.1
Bosch (Seasons 1-3) 5.1
Breath 5.1
Britannia 5.1
Comrade Detective (Season 1) 5.1
Crisis in Six Scenes (Season 1) 5.1
Fleabag (Season 1) 5.1
Goliath (Season 1) 5.1
Good Girls Revolt (Season 1) 5.1
Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street (Seasons 1, 2) 5.1
Hand of God (Season 1) 5.1
Homecoming (Season 1)New 5.1
I Love Dick (Season 1) 5.1
Just add Magic (Season 1) 5.1
Le Mans (Season 1) 5.1
Long Strange Trip (Season 1) 5.1
Mad Dogs (Season 1) 5.1
Mozart in the Jungle (Seasons 1, 2) 5.1
One Mississippi (Seasons 1, 2) 5.1
Orphan Black (Seasons 1, 2) 5.1
Patriot (Season 1) 5.1
Red Oaks (Season 1, 2) 5.1
Sneaky Pete (Season 1) 5.1
The Dangerous Book for Boys 5.1
The Expanse 5.1
The Grand Tour (Season 1) 5.1
The Kicks (Season 1) 5.1
The Last Tycoon (Season 1) 5.1
The Man in the High Castle (Season 1) 5.1
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 5.1
The Romanoffs 5.1
The Tick (Season 1) 5.1
Tin Star (Season 1) 5.1
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (Season 1) 5.1
Transparent (Seasons 1, 2, 3) 5.1
Z: The Beginning of Everything (Season 1) 5.1
Movies in 4k Ultra HD (w/Prime)
American Playboy 5.1
Brad’s Status 5.1
Cafe Society 5.1
Chi-raq 5.1
City Of Ghosts 5.1
Complete Unknown 5.1
Creative Control 5.1
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 5.1
Crown Heights 5.1
Elvis & Nixon 5.1
First Live 4k from Space 5.1
Funny Girl 5.1
Gleason 5.1
Gringo [1h 50m] 5.1
Hitch 5.1
Human Flow 5.1
Jerry Maguire 5.1
Last Flag Fying [2h 4m] 5.1
Love & Friendship 5.1
Manchester by the Sea 5.1
Pass Over 5.1
Paterson 5.1
Philadelphia 5.1
Salesman 5.1
Spectre 5.1
The Dressmaker 5.1
The Lost City of Z 5.1
The Neon Demon 5.1
The Only Living Boy in New York 5.1
Tom Clancy’s The Division: Agent Origins 5.1
Wonder Wheel [1h 40m] 5.1
TV Series in Ultra HD (Purchase)
Better Call Saul (Seasons 1, 2) 5.1
Blacklist (Seasons 1, 2) 5.1
Masters of Sex (Seasons 1, 2) 5.1
House of Cards (Seasons 1, 2, 3) 5.1
Breaking Bad (Seasons 1-5) 5.1
Bonnie and Clyde (Season 1) 5.1
Movies in Ultra HD titles (Purchase)
1776 5.1
2012 5.1
21 Jump Street 5.1
A Bad Moms Christmas 5.1
A Few Good Men 5.1
About Last Night 5.1
After Earth 5.1
Alamo Bay 5.1
All the Money in the World 5.1
Aloha 5.1
American Hustle 5.1
Angels & Demons 5.1
Annie 5.1
Baby Driver 5.1
Bad Boys 5.1
Bad Boys II 5.1
Bad Roomies 5.1
Bad Teacher 5.1
Battle: Los Angeles 5.1
Between 5.1
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk 5.1
Black Panther 5.1
Body Double 5.1
Captain Philips 5.1
Chappie 5.1
Class Rank 5.1
Concussion 5.1
Cowboy 5.1
Deathgrip 5.1
Deliver Us from Evil 5.1
Digging for Fire 5.1
Dina 5.1
Dracula 5.1
Elysium 5.1
Ender 5.1
Escort 5.1
Flatliners (2017) 5.1
Follow Your Nose 5.1
Fury 5.1
Get Lost 5.1
Ghostbusters 5.1
Ghostbusters 2 5.1
Ghostbusters: Answer the Call 5.1
Glory 5.1
Godzilla 5.1
Goosebumps 5.1
Groundhog Day 5.1
Grown Ups 5.1
Hancock 5.1
Hard Times 5.1
Hotel Transylvania 2 5.1
In the Line of Fire 5.1
Inferno 5.1
Into the Cave of Wonders 5.1
It Happened One Night 5.1
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 5.1
Lawrence of Arabia 5.1
Leon the Professional 5.1
Life 5.1
Life Cycles 5.1
Listen 5.1
Looper 5.1
Mall Cop 2 5.1
MIB 5.1
MIB II 5.1
Money Monster 5.1
Moneyball 5.1
Moonlight 5.1
Moto 7: The Movie 5.1
My Best Friend’s Wedding 5.1
Naturestyle: Hokkaido Japan 5.1
No Good Deed 5.1
Notbad 5.1
On the Waterfront 5.1
Only the Brave 5.1
Passenger 5.1
Passengers 5.1
Peter Rabbit 5.1
Pinapple Express 5.1
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 5.1
Pixels 5.1
Premium Rush 5.1
Pride + Prejudice + Zombies 5.1
Proud Mary 5.1
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 5.1
Resident Evil: Vendetta 5.1
Risen 5.1
Roman J. Israel, ESQ. 5.1
Rough Night 5.1
Salt 5.1
Sausage Party 5.1
Scarlet’s Witch 5.1
Sense & Sensibility 5.1
Shredtopia 5.1
Spider-Man 5.1
Spider-Man 2 5.1
Spider-Man 3 5.1
Spider-Man: Homecoming 5.1
Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars 5.1
T2 Trainspotting 5.1
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 5.1
Taxi Driver 5.1
That’s My Boy 5.1
The 5th Wave 5.1
The Amazing Spider-Man 5.1
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 5.1
The Big Sick 5.1
The Brothers Grimsby 5.1
The Da Vinci Code 5.1
The Dark Tower 5.1
The Disaster Artist 5.1
The Fifth Element 5.1
The Florida Project 5.1
The Guns of Navarone 5.1
The Holiday 5.1
The House 5.1
The Last Detail 5.1
The Mask of Zorro 5.1
The Monuments Men 5.1
The Night Before 5.1
The Other Guys 5.1
The Patriot 5.1
The Perfect Guy 5.1
The Shallows 5.1
The Smurfs 5.1
The Smurfs 2 5.1
The Star 5.1
The Tourist 5.1
The Toy Soldiers 5.1
The Ugly Truth 5.1
The Vow 5.1
The Walk 5.1
The Wall 5.1
The Way We Were 5.1
The Wedding Ringer 5.1
The Young Kieslowski 5.1
Think Like a Man 5.1
Think Like a Man Too 5.1
This is the End 5.1
Total Recall 5.1
Underworld: Blood Wars 5.1
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 5.1
View From Blue Moon 5.1
When the Bough Breaks 5.1
Ultra HD Screensavers, Docs & Footage (Prime or Purchase)
After the Sky Falls
Antonio Farao & Dave Liebman Live at Ramatuelle Jazz Festival 5.1
Auroras (Purchase) 5.1
Circles of Life: Iceland 5.1
Coral Reef Adventure (Prime) 5.1
Distance Between Dreams 5.1
Dolphins (Prime) 5.1
Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures 5.1
Fireplace 4k (Purchase) 5.1
Grand Canyon (Purchase) 5.1
Hoh Rain Forest 5.1
In the Cave of Wonders (Purchase) 5.1
Joachim Kuhn Live at Ramatuelle Jazz Festival 5.1
L.A. Nights (Purchase) 5.1
Lichtmond Soul Affinity 5.1
Life Cycles (Purchase) 5.1
Light 5.1
Majestic Nature: Deserts (Purchase) 5.1
Majestic Nature: Flowers (Purchase) 5.1
Majestic Nature: Forests (Purchase) 5.1
Majestic Nature: Oceans (Purchase) 5.1
Moto 7 5.1
Moto 8 5.1
Mount Rainier 1 – 3 5.1
Muay Thai Madness 5.1
Nature Style: Hokkaido Japan 5.1
Omar Sosa Live at Ramatuelle Jazz Festival 5.1
Painted Hills Oregon 5.1
Pleasure 5.1
Redwood National Forest 5.1
Richmond 2 (Purchase) 5.1
Ruin and Rose 5.1
Seattle: The Emerald City (Purchase) 5.1
Sojourns 5.1
Sojourns (Purchase) 5.1
Spike: The Mind of a Warrior 5.1
The Fourth Phase 5.1
The Living Sea (Prime) 5.1
Treasure of Thailand (Purchase) 5.1
UnReal 5.1
Valhalla (Purchase) 5.1
Van Gogh: Brush with Genius (Prime) 5.1
We Are Blood 5.1
Nas, Live from the Kennedy Center 5.1
CS: Go for Gold 5.1

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*Please note that availability of some titles may expire.

16 Replies to “List of 4k HDR Movies & TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video”

  1. JP says:

    If you guys are not seeing 4k titles, make sure that every device in your stream is HDCP 2.2 compliant. If even one of them is not, you will not see be able to view 4k, even if you’re seeing available titles. It will be downgraded when you watch it.

  2. Jackie S. says:

    Some of the best quality 4k/HDR I’ve seen so far is Red Oaks, although the show is not so good. House of Cards looks pretty good too and a way better show.

  3. Gordon says:

    “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” isn’t included in your list of Prime series, even though it’s featured with a picture at the top of this article…

    1. hdreport says:

      Thanks Gordon!

    2. Xaq FIxx says:

      Jack Ryan, the current article image, is also not on this list.

      1. HD Report says:

        Thanks! Should be showing up now. Guess our code doesn’t like duplicates or something. We gotta figure that out.

  4. Joseph says:

    What exactly speed would suffice. I live by myself but due to the constant streaming my ISP told me I needed to do something. I LIVE IN WV. 2 options Frontier DSL which is abysmal and EVERYONE AROUND HERE WILL STAUNCHLY TELL ANYONE THAT ASKS. I had evidently a data cap with SUDDENLINK…..didn’t ever worry about it in the past. So 2 weeks ago I upgraded from 200MB SERVICE THROUGH Suddenlink cable to 400MB FOR $10 more and unlimited data now. I bought some CAT 7 line to run it to the tv room(approx 35 ft away from my Router. I can honestly say that I couldn’t be any happier with my WiFi speed and I have an IPhone XS MAX DELIVERED 3 days ago. It’s unreal the speeds and I live in a college town with neighbors all around me. My only issue is trying to find a streaming service. And a cheaper 4K tv. I have a 4K that’s less than a yr old and an accident happen and I cracked the screen. It’s getting worse everyday. Also I used to have Directv but I got infuriated after a technician never showing after I took a vacation day last year. Had them since 1995(maybe 96). I’ve considered the Amazon fire tv cube, the new 4K stick, and the amazon fire TV SETS……PLEASE ADVISE ANYTHING IS WELCOMED! Also, what’s the best outdoor antenna that Crutchfield would recommend(my locals are from 15 miles away for 1 but the others are closer to 50-65 mile range. Also ADVISE on cell boosters for the car(no issues at home)AS I HAVE NOTICED A DRAMATIC DROP and I still have same carrier AT&T IN MY cell service in the more rural areas, and that presents a HUGE PROBLEM BECAUSE IM AN APPRAISER AMD THAT “where I primarily work.”

    1. GrammarCop says:

      1. If it is actually Cat7, that’s ridiculous overkill of the redundantly ridiculous variety, and you paid way to much. If it is not actually Cat7, you got ripped off. Cat5e is more than enough for everything up to 1 Gbps.
      2. MBps and Mbps are very different things. You have 400 Mbps service, not 400 MBps.

    2. Robert says:

      You have too many problems to address here. You should call geeksquad.

  5. Roman says:

    An advice for Amazon Prime: Use ethernet cable (not WiFi) between router and TV.
    I have LG OLED TV set. When using WiFi, the video appeared to be HD1080. With ethernet (over UTP) it is UHD for UHD content (e.g. Jack Ryan series).

    Of course – data speed from ISP must be high. My minimum is 30mbps.

  6. William Sauro says:

    I get tons of 4K HDR content from Netflix watching thru a Roku Ultra… But nothing on your Amazon list triggers my Optoma 4K projector to switch from 1080 to HDR. Something is amuss with the Amazon feeds.

    1. Thomas Haumann says:

      I downgraded my netflix premium UHD subscription to Normal Netflix, du to lack of UHD contents.

      The money from the downgrade pay for Prime Video instead

  7. HD Report says:

    Hi Bob. Are you looking on a PC or through a 4k-capable media player? Like Fire TV?

    The titles won’t show up on a PC in 4k or HDR. You have to use a streaming media player or Smart 4k TV using the Amazon Video or Prime Video app. The way we confirm any titles in 4k is by actually seeing them on a 4k HDR TV.

    Please let us know if you still have trouble!

  8. Bob Lyle says:

    I have found only 1 title in 4K ultra he at Amazon prime (the arrival).
    The other titles on your list are 1080p HD.
    They do appear when searching amazon prime video for 4K or ultra had but when playing, they report 1080p HD.

    I would be very grateful to you if you could help me get more than one movie from amazon prime in 4k

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