After deal announced, Netflix streamed faster on Comcast in February

Netflix Speed Index

But there’s still a long way to go.

Microsoft unveils ‘Titanfall’ Xbox One bundle

titanfall bundle

It’s the first bargain offered with the Xbox One. You get a digital copy of the game and everything else for the same $500 asking price.

Netflix agrees to pay Comcast for smooth streaming service

netflix comcast

We’re not gonna say it was due to this bit of complaining we did 10 days ago, but Netflix and Comcast have reached a deal that will reportedly ensure TV shows and movies are streamed smoothly…

Microsoft announces Xbox One Media Remote

xbox one media remote

Does what you think it does, costs $25, and when it goes it glows.

Hey Comcast, before that merger, can you do something about your hideous Netflix service?


It’s just bad news all around.

Now on Netflix: ‘Bates Motel’, ‘Airplane’, ‘The Naked Gun’, ‘MASH’


Despite the approaching holiday, there’s lots of stuff for dad.

Google invites all developers to Chromecast party


The future gets bigger for the little $35 dongle.

Microsoft store offering $100 credit for your Xbox 360 or PS3

ms store

Microsoft goes the GameStop route to lure more customers to the Xbox One.

When it comes to pirated TV shows, ‘Game of Thrones’ is king

game of thrones

No other shows comes close to being downloaded as frequently.

NFL announces new digital network, NFL Now, to launch this summer

NFL Logo on Blue

Personalized NFL content is coming to the Internet this summer.

5 ways to stick it to the Super Bowl


Defy the odds (and the peer pressure) and take one of these alternate routes this Sunday.

Top 10 Pirated Movies of 2013


What movies did people really wanna see but really not wanna pay for?

Ease trumping quality: Digital movie sales soared in 2013

digital movies

2013 was the year people really started buying (and kept pirating) digital movies.

Sony announces PlayStation Now game streaming service


How does Crash Bandicoot on your 4K TV sound?

Michael Bay melts down during Samsung CES press briefing

The one time when he didn’t want things to move in slow motion.

‘Murder, She Wrote’ comes back from the dead on Netflix


Cabot Cove is streaming once again!

Lots of stuff disappearing from Netflix on January 1


Titanic, Back to School, and Alice in Wonderland are just a few of the titles set to vanish.

Bugs galore with ‘Battlefield 4′ on next gen consoles


EA and DICE scramble to fix their big FPS.

2 million Xbox Ones sold in first 18 days

xbox one

Amazon, GameStop,and Walmart are loving it.

7 Christmasy Things On Netflix Worth Watching

white christmas

Get your $8/month worth with this holiday fare!