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HD Report | August 21, 2017

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Transformers director alleges Microsoft HD DVD conspiracy

December 11, 2007 |

Michael Bay, the director of Transformers, says that Microsoft has deliberately picked HD DVD to blur the fact that Blu-ray is a better format. Their objective? Keep the format war going until they can crush both sides with a viable … Read More

Bungie all Xbox

December 7, 2007 |

Bungie Studios has no plans to work on any other platforms besides Xbox 360. Hopefully this will allow them to focus on creating great names and not spending all their time working on game compatibility.

“We have no plans to … Read More

10 Reasons to Skip The Format War Completely

December 4, 2007 |

Is there any reason to pick a format this holiday season? Not really. You can discuss the pros & cons of the format war for days on end – but there has to be some reality in the mix. AVSForum … Read More


November 30, 2007 |

I’M SO CONFUSED! For those of you who may be confused, or not completely clear on different broadcast standards, here is a good explanation, direct from the website.

  • Standard Definition TV (SDTV) – SDTV is the … Read More

xBox 360 owners buy more games

November 5, 2007 |

Xbox 360 owners have purchased more games than Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii owners. This is according to research on The study shows that while PS3 owners on average have bought 4 games, and Wii owners have bought 3.44 … Read More

Walmart Hi-Def Sale a Flop

November 2, 2007 |

I went to check out those “Secret in-Store” sales items that Walmart promoted on their site for today. They advertised a Sanyo 50″ plasma for $998, a Toshiba HD-A2 for $98, and HD DVD movies for $14.96.

First of all, … Read More

Verizon setting their goals too high?

November 1, 2007 |

Sourcing a press release from Verizon, the company says it will initially double its current number of HD channels (which varies from market to market but seems be in the mid 20’s in most), to more than 60 which will … Read More

HD Radio not Hi Def

October 30, 2007 |

The marketing scheme that calls HD Radio high-definition has pulled the wool over many eyes. HD Radio is just the brand name. It’s not really high-definition radio. What is high definition audio? Can it be classified as 7.1 channels of … Read More

High Def Formats desperate?

October 30, 2007 |

Home Media Magazine’s Thomas K. Arnold reports on recent aggressive moves by high-definition formats Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD to sway studios in their direction. Both Sony and Toshiba have launched pre-holiday marketing campaigns and have been pumping out new … Read More

High Definition Sound Standard (HDSS)

October 29, 2007 | 2

ATLANTA, Sept. 10, 2007 –TBI Audio Systems LLC revolutionizes the audio world with the introduction of the High Definition Sound Standard (HDSS®). TBI recently announced the release of HDSS®, a listening experience light years beyond the sound of the conventional … Read More

Xbox 360 Arcade goes family style

October 24, 2007 |

Yesterday, Microsoft introduced the $279 Xbox 360 Arcade console at retail stores. The Arcade model replaces the Core model, which had no hard drive. It comes with a wireless controller, five games, HDMI connection and a 256 MB memory card.

Read More

LG and the “smallest” plasma monitor

October 23, 2007 |

LG announces “the world’s smallest plasma” TV, the LG 32PC5RV. I’m sure other electronics developers have experimented with the 32″ format, but just never marketed them or distributed them heavily. LG is taking advantage of the fact that there are … Read More

Halo 3 Top 10 Screw Ups

October 22, 2007 |

Selling millions of copies and breaking records all over the globe, Halo 3 also helped pick up Xbox 360 sales. But with all this success Microsoft allowed Bungie to go “Freelancer” by selling Bungie Studios … Read More

Over-the-air offers the best HD experience

October 15, 2007 |

HD aficionados will tell you that they have switched back and forth from cable or satellite HD broadcasts to over-the-air broadcasts to compare quality. Most of those I’ve asked have said that in most cases, as long as there is … Read More

HD DVD Pending disaster

October 10, 2007 |

According to a recent announcement at the DVD Forum, the 51 GB HD DVD disc may NOT work on existing HD DVD players. This could be a potential disaster for Toshiba, who, along with Sony are doing everything they can … Read More

‘Halo 3’ first week sales $300 million

October 8, 2007 |

According to Microsoft, “Halo 3” brought in almost 300 million in sales in the first week. The first-person sci-fi shooter game made its debut on the high definition Xbox 360 gaming console.

It was also reported that sales of Xbox … Read More

A good reason to buy a high-def player

October 2, 2007 |

According to a report last month from Home Media Magazine, 58% of HDTV owners said they have no need for a high-definition player. 27% said they would wait for a winner in the format war before buying a player. But … Read More

Halo 3 discs scratched

September 26, 2007 |

Gamers who bought the $70 limited-edition version of Halo 3 found they were scratched when first opened. Apparently the packaging caused some surface scratches which don’t seem to affect playing the disc.

Microsoft immediately responded by posting on its Web … Read More

Halo 3 at midnight

September 25, 2007 |

Halo 3 goes on sale at midnight tonight! This first person sci-fi shooter game for Xbox 360 looks like it will meet all expectations. You can see a sneak preview on Comcast’s HD On Demand.

Halo 3 is expected … Read More

Microsoft introduces new HDi logo for HD DVD

September 25, 2007 |

Microsoft announced last week the use of a new HDi logo on all Toshiba HD DVD players. The new logo will also be used on Universal Studios and Paramount packaging for upcoming HD DVD movie titles. HDi technology is Microsoft’s … Read More

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