Hulu Plus launches on Wii

Hulu Plus logo

If you own a Nintendo Wii console you’ll now be able to watch streaming content from Hulu Plus. The free app from Hulu can be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel, and users can try out Hulu Plus free for two weeks (unless you already have an existing Hulu Plus account).

Hulu’s “Battleground” to hit next month


Hulu will launch an original TV show next month titled “Battleground” that follows Hulu’s first original documentary “A Day In The Life” which premiered last fall. “Battleground” is described as a “workplace dramedy” focusing on a political campaign for a Senate seat in Wisconsin.

Hulu launches Spanish language enhancements, adds programming


Whether you’re a native speaker or want to learn some español, Hulu has made it easier by launching a new library of current and classic content in the Spanish language dubbed “Hulu Latino.” The new library is available to Hulu Plus subscribers and in addition to previous titles offers the entire current season of primetime TV shows from Univision, Galavision and Telefutura.

Hulu off the auction block


Hulu is no longer for sale, after spending weeks on the auction block. Early interested parties included Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Dish Network and even South Korea mobile giant SK Telecom was interested (which turned out to be a rumor). Now it appears Hulu owners will keep the company for themselves, focusing on making the company successful.

Hulu bidding extended


We expected a buyer for Hulu yesterday, with names like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and other well-known brands mentioned as possible bidders.

Hulu producing original documentary series


Hulu will take its first step into producing “long-form” programming with a documentary series from Super Size Me creator Morgan Spurlock. According to the LA Times, “A Day in the Life” will feature Spurlock as he chases after celebrities such as and Richard Branson during 24-hour periods.

Hulu app now available for Android

Hulu Plus logo

Hulu has released the Hulu Plus app to the Android Market, but at this point has only uploaded apps for six devices. Those devices include the Nexus One, Nexus S, HTC Inspire 4G, Motorola Droid II, Motorola Droid X, and the Motorola Atrix. While its certainly a let down for owners of unsupported smartphones,

Hulu adds streaming Miramax movies


Hulu added Miramax movies to their streaming library this week, with about 15 titles even available for non-paying Hulu users (commercials added). For Hulu Plus subscribers, the movies are free of advertising. Swingers and The English…

Netflix loses Criterion films


At the same time Hulu Plus subscribers received access to 150 Criterion Collection films, the film distributer pulled their titles from the streaming Netflix library. According to Criterion, “Hulu demonstrated a real commitment to the Criterion…

Hulu gets Criterion Collection


Subscribers to Hulu Plus now have access to over 150 Criterion Collection titles with more to be added each month. In total, Criterion Collection has digital streaming rights to over 800 titles which could end up…

Stewart & Colbert back on Hulu


Almost a year ago they were ripped from our laptops. But now they’re back. The “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report” are back on Hulu, after the online company signed a distribution…

Hulu Plus launches for Sony Dash


Sony today announced the availability of the Hulu Plus subscription service on the Dash Personal Internet Viewer. Hulu Plus subscribers will now be able to access the service’s robust current TV offerings directly on Dash, including…

Networks block Google TV, so what’s next?


Google TV launched last week on several devices including Sony Bravia TVs and Blu-ray players but networks aren’t exactly happy with the free access to their content. ABC, NBC, and CBS have blocked Google’s TV platform from…

Hulu to let users choose ads

hulu-ad-blackberry-330x186,, and will start letting viewers choose which types of ads they watch previous to video content, that according to a BusinessWeek article posted yesterday. The ad tool called ASq was tested by French…

CBS considering Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus logo

Earlier this week Reuters reported CBS in talks with Hulu to bring their TV content to the online service. Previously, CBS stayed clear of the popular website which offers content from (and is coincidentally owned by)…

Hulu Plus on PS3 launches for select PlayStation subscribers

Hulu Plus logo

Hulu Plus has launched for select PlayStation members and will soon be available to all PS3 console owners within months. For now, selected Playstation subscribers with “Plus” level membership have the option of previewing Hulu Plus…

Vizio HDTVs to support Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus logo

You’ve seen Hulu, but what is Hulu Plus? Hulu Plus is the first ad-supported subscription service to offer current seasons of programming from ABC, FOX and NBC all in high-def via the internet. The service costs…

Rumored: Hulu to launch on PS3


PS3 may soon support a Hulu paid TV service, according to a Bloomberg report that says a partnership could be announced as early as next week. An agreement between Sony and Hulu could greatly expand the…

Rumor: Xbox 360 to support Hulu


Rumor has it that Microsoft will unveil Hulu’s streaming video service working on the Xbox 360 at this month’s E3 convention in Los Angeles. This info comes from Gear Live who says they heard it from…

TV Everywhere Leaves VOD Nowhere


With Comcast and Time-Warner now moving forward with video paywalls, are the cable companies doing what Hollywood and the music industry couldn’t do? Profit from the Internet… by forcing viewers to keep their cable subscriptions? That reality is coming sooner than you think.