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HD Report | July 24, 2017

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Adult Swim & Cartoon Network to stream on Hulu

April 24, 2015 |

In a new deal announced yesterday between Turner Broadcasting and Hulu, animated series from Adult Swim and Cartoon Network will soon be available to stream on the platform. Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, South Park, and Spongebob are among the series that will be available to … Read More

Hulu Plus now streaming ‘The Last Ship’ Season 1

April 14, 2015 |

Season One of the TNT series The Last Ship is now streaming exclusively on Hulu Plus, giving subscribers a chance to catch up on any missed episodes or get a refresh of the story before the second season premieres this summer … Read More

Hulu offering 1-month trial of Hulu Plus

April 10, 2015 |

If you haven’t tried Hulu Plus yet, the company is offering a free 1-month trial of the service for a limited time. Typically, Hulu offers a 1-week or 2-week trial period, but as of now you can get one month … Read More

New drama ‘American Crime’ debuts on ABC & Hulu

March 6, 2015 |

ABC’s new drama series “American Crime” will premiere its first episode tonight at 10 PM/9 CT on ABC. Alternatively, viewers can stream Episode 1/Season 1 on PCs at, or through supporting Hulu apps for tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs, and … Read More

Hulu Plus gets CSI Original Series in Exclusive Deal

February 19, 2015 |

Fans of the original CSI series with Hulu Plus will soon be able to catch up on some missed or favorite episodes of the show, as Hulu will become the  exclusive subscription-based streaming distributor. This will be the first time … Read More

Hulu Plus now streaming all seasons of Californication

November 10, 2014 |

Over the weekend Hulu added all seven seasons of the Showtime Original Series Californication to their streaming library. All 84 episodes of the show are available for viewing ad-free with a Hulu Plus subscription, but Hulu has also made the first … Read More

Jason Reitman to produce new Hulu Original series ‘Casual’

October 30, 2014 |

Hulu has announced Oscar-nominated director Jason Reitman (Up in the AirJuno) will executive produce an upcoming Hulu Original series titled Casual. In addition to as serving as executive producer, Reitman will direct the first episode of the single-camera, half-hour comedy show.

The straight-to-series 10-episode … Read More

Hulu Plus app redesigned for iPad & iPhone, optimized for iOS8

October 6, 2014 |

Hulu has updated the iOS app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices with a new design, and added optimization for iOS8 and the just-released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. According to Hulu the new design offers a more … Read More

Hulu greenlights JFK-based original series

September 23, 2014 |

Hulu announced they have greenlit a new original mini-series based on the novel 11/22/63 by Stephen King. The show will explore the day former President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas, and ask the question “What if?” throughout the … Read More

Hulu App Updated for Android, Hulu Plus for iOS

August 21, 2014 |

Hulu has updated their apps for Android and iOS tablets and phones, but the Android app update brings the most improvements, one of which is access to select content without being a subscriber. While the content is advertiser-sponsored, non-subscribers can … Read More

Hulu original series ‘The Awesomes’ renewed for third season

August 20, 2014 |

Hulu’s original series “The Awesomes” has been renewed for a third season, the company announced. And although no further details were revealed, we can presume the third season will consist of 10 episodes to begin airing next summer. The second … Read More

‘Manhattan’ Episode 1 Available to Stream or Download

August 4, 2014 |

The premiere episode of the TV drama Manhattan is now available to stream or download at no charge from several digital services including iTunes, Vudu, and Hulu. Titled “You Always Hurt the One You Love,” the 57-minute episode first aired … Read More

Hulu gets all seasons of ‘South Park’

July 12, 2014 |

Hulu officially announced today the acquisition of the entire catalog of South Park seasons to stream on Hulu and Hulu Plus. Hulu is the exclusive home of South Park episodes (you can’t find the show on Netflix or with … Read More

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 1 Now Streaming On Hulu

July 1, 2014 |

The Golden-Globe winning comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine is now streaming Season 1 exclusively on Hulu. The season includes all 22 episodes of the show starting with the first “Pilot” episode and ending with the episode titled “Charges and Specs.” As part … Read More

FX’s “The Bridge” now streaming on Hulu Plus

June 9, 2014 |

Season One of FX’s “The Bridge” is now available to stream on Hulu Plus. The online service is the exclusive subscription-based streaming distributor for the series (meaning, you can purchase single episodes or the entire season through other online … Read More

Hulu to stream select TV shows free on mobile devices

April 30, 2014 |

Hulu announced they will soon be streaming select TV shows on Hulu Plus free on mobile devices, as well as launching the next generation of the Hulu Plus app for iPhones. The select television episodes that will be available on … Read More

Hulu Plus remote control launches for Xbox & PlayStation

April 28, 2014 |

Hulu Plus has launched remote control support for iOS and Android phones and tablets used in conjunction with Xbox One, PlayStation3 (PS3) and PlayStation4 (PS4) consoles. The basic remote functions include pause/resume, seek, and 10-second rewind option. The integrated … Read More

Hulu Plus expands with classic CBS TV shows

February 11, 2014 |

Hulu has announced Hulu Plus has expanded its SVOD titles to over 5,300 episodes from the CBS content library, including classic TV shows from the 70’s and 80’s. Among the new titles available to stream on Hulu Plus are the … Read More

Hulu Plus to stream CBS drama ‘Elementary’

February 3, 2014 |

Hulu Plus has announced a distribution agreement with CBS to offer episodes of the drama “Elementary” starring Jonny Lee Miller as detective Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson. The deal will give Hulu Plus subscribers access to complete … Read More

Ease trumping quality: Digital movie sales soared in 2013

January 15, 2014 |

2013 was the year people really started buying (and kept pirating) digital movies.Read More

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