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HD Report | September 19, 2017

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HD Report provides news, commentary, and information about HD channels, HD programming, digital media, apps, streaming, 4k, Blu-ray, and technology news. HD Report can also be found on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Next Generation Games Power NBA All-Stars

February 19, 2007 |

LAS VEGAS–Walking around the massive show space at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center for the NBA All-Star Jam Session one sees nothing but next generation NBA videogames. All of the big sports game companies were on hand, including Electronic Arts, … Read More

Can’t afford a PS3? Use a cutout instead…

February 16, 2007 |

Can’t afford a PS3? Use a cutout instead…A retail store in Australia couldn’t afford a PS3 to put on display for pre-orders so they used a cutout cardboard picture instead. Best of all, they plopped the cutout picture in front … Read More

Xbox 360 Ring of Death

February 14, 2007 |

What is the ring of death? It is when 3 red lights show up around the gaming consoles power button indicating a fatal hardware error. The Xbox 360 has had some faulty units, the ring of death showing up just … Read More

What does “Integrated ATSC Tuner” mean?

February 14, 2007 |

What does the term ATSC mean and do I need to get that with my HDTV? Let me explain before you make your HDTV purchase.

You’ll often see the term “Integrated ATSC Tuner” in the description of an HDTV. … Read More

Miami Vice Review – HD DVD release

February 13, 2007 |

Crockett and Tubs are back from the 80’s! This is actually a really good film, and the scenery in hi def is fantastic. But anyone expecting it to be just like the TV show should watch it with an open … Read More

Word from the Street: Hi Def Releases for Feb. 13, 2007

February 13, 2007 |

Blu-rayStreet date release: February 13, 2007

Broken Arrow (Fox) Featuring: John Travolta and Christian Slater Release the doves!! John Woo directs this somewhat lame action-thriller about erectile dysfuntio- er, a couple of wayward nuclear weapons and an actor tossing … Read More

“Hellboy” Game Coming This Summer, New Movie in Production

February 11, 2007 |

SAN FRANCISCO–Konami Digital Entertainment unveiled a line-up of next generation games in San Francisco recently. Among the playable games was the Xbox 360 “Hellboy,” which is in development at Krome Studios. Pegged for a summer release on both Xbox 360 … Read More

Satellite vs. Cable: Which Does HD Better?

February 11, 2007 |

Once you have a high definition TV in the house, it’s hard to watch standard def content. Even an HD channel dedicated to fish swimming in a tank (Dish Network’s HD preview channel) can still draw a crowd. Clearly, we … Read More

HD DVD movie releases at near crawl

February 6, 2007 |

It should have been expected. The new releases for HD DVD have slowed to a snail’s speed. I’ve read several postings and blogs from hi def addicts who bought their HD DVD players hoping for a slew of releases but … Read More

High Definition Movie Releases Feb. 6, 2007

February 6, 2007 |

Hollywoodland is released on HD DVD. This who-done-it tale of the death of Superman actor George Reeves gets an average of 3.5 stars out of 5 on the Amazon scale. But that’s it this week according to what is shipping … Read More

What cable and satellite providers don’t want you to know

February 6, 2007 |

What the cable and satellite providers don’t want you to know is that you can get hi def broadcasts for free. Why would they tell you that? Why would they even inform their installers? Word is…they don’t. I’ve heard of … Read More

Another lame week for HD DVD, Blu-ray holds up

January 31, 2007 |

Another lackluster week for HD DVD, as Blu-ray releases a few more titles of recognition. Take a break from watching your kids and pop in the animated film Open Season with voiceovers from Martin Lawrence, Debra Messing, Ashton Kutcher, and … Read More

Midway Games Commits to Next Gen Gaming

January 29, 2007 |

LAS VEGAS–At what point does next generation become current generation? For Midway Games, they’re one and the same. The third-party publisher is now making all of its games for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the two “official” next gen machines, … Read More

PS3 gets a bad wrap…but really the best deal

January 28, 2007 |

PS3 is always getting dogged for costing $600, but it still remains the best deal if you break it down.

It’s like that all over… everyone is bashing the PS3 because it costs $600! Stupid, because Xbox ain’t cheap … Read More

Movie Releases: Week of Jan. 23, Weak for HD DVD

January 23, 2007 |

On Blu-ray, the Denzel Washington/Meryl Streep remake of “The Manchurian Candidate”. From Paramount, Mel Gibson stars in “We Were Soldiers”, a tale of the one of the most violent battles in the Vietnam warand the movie.

The arcade style … Read More

LG Blu-ray/HD DVD combo player missing HD DVD logo

January 23, 2007 |

So if you missed the last blog where I discussed the premature release of the LG BH100 hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD player, you may have spotted the large Blu-ray logo on the top of the machine. So why would a hybrid … Read More

Best Buy jumps the gun, sells combo Blu-ray/HD DVD player

January 22, 2007 |

Best Buy jumps the gun by selling the new LG hi def player before it’s Feb. 4th release date. This player, which was showcased at CES 2007 will play both HD DVD and Blu-ray formats. The LG BH100 also upconverts … Read More

“Lost Planet” and “Hellgate: London” Two More Reasons Xbox 360 Is Winning the Next Gen War

January 21, 2007 |

When it comes to any videogame console war, the brand name can only go so far. Back in the day, Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo ruled the game business until Sony’s PlayStation, an upstart brand, came in and stole their … Read More

High Def Squeeze Play

January 20, 2007 |

I had a long schmooze with Warner Home Video’s Steve Nickerson at the CES. He’s been shepherding Warner’s Switzerland- like support of both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray high definition disc formats. And he’s now rallying for studios and consumers to get … Read More

CES Offers Glimpse of Must-Have PS3 and Xbox 360 Games

January 19, 2007 |

While it’s still no E3–at least the old E3 of 60,000 attendees focusing on games, not the new E3 of under 5,000 attendees set for this July–the 40th Annual CES did offer some previews of great next generation games for … Read More