Blu-ray review: ‘Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Rich Mahogany Edition’

anchorman blu-ray

Story idea: Why don’t restaurants serve apples anymore? This line made me laugh, but it’s not from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy – The Rich Mahogany Edition, it’s from Mr. Burgundy’s diary that accompanies this…

Thanksgiving shopping: No deals worth ditching family for

no thanksgiving shopping

Keep calm and eat, drink, and be merry.

5 reasons to shun the Xbox One

xbox one no

Microsoft has given no reason to — at least in 2013 — jump in, jump ahead, or jump for joy with its new console.

The PlayStation 4 era begins today


11/15/13: The PS4 is born.

You Can Buy a 4k TV, but What Will You Watch On It?


This holiday season TV manufacturers and retailers will be pushing 4k ‘Ultra HD’ TVs to consumers. The next evolution in High Definition television boasts 4-times the resolution of current 1080p HDTVs, hence the name “4k.” But…

Netflix overhauls its TV user interface


A new look for Netflix on your TV.

4 reasons to back away from a PS4 on launch day

no to ps4

Resist the urge, reap the rewards.

Now on Netflix: ‘Dexter’, ‘Flight’, ‘Olympus Has Fallen’, ‘Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive’


Lots of good ‘guy stuff’ is added to the big red streaming library.

NFL Week 9 2013 Game Schedule


Here we are in Week 9 and if you can believe it only one team stands undefeated: The Kansas City Chiefs. At 8-0, the Chiefs will head to Ralph Wilson Stadium in upstate New York to…

Granny outrage! ‘Murder, She Wrote’ yanked from Netflix without warning

murder she wrote

It’s a dark day in Cabot Cove.

Gamestop’s Black Friday deals leaked

gamestop black friday ad

Grab a 250GB Xbox 360 or PS3 for $200.

Free ‘Games with Gold’ now a permanent thing for Xbox 360


Free games to keep coming for Xbox 360 Gold users.

Microsoft announces new Xbox 360 holiday bundles

Xbox 360 bundles

A month before the Xbox One’s launch, Microsoft revamps its 360 packages.

Impressive in IMAX, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ makes Blu-ray 3D debut


You can breathe a sigh of relief: 3D hasn’t tarnished the most iconic film of all time.

Was HD Home Theater Responsible For Breaking Bad’s Success?


Breaking Bad cinematographer Michael Slovis mentions that the show might not have found its success with audiences if not for the “perfect storm” of a visually creative mind creating a show during the advent of affordable home theater technology.

Xbox One begins world tour

Area One Tour Dates •Philadelphia: 10.3–10.6 •Paris: 10.10–10.13 •Toronto: 10.10–10.13 •Chicago: 10.17–10.20 •Vienna: 10.17–10.20 •Atlanta: 10.24–10.27 •Dallas: 10.31–11.3 •Berlin: 10.31–11.3 •Phoenix: 11.7–11.10 •San Francisco: 11.14–11.17 •Dublin: 11.14–11.17 •Los Angeles: 11.21 •London: 11.21–11.24

With four tricked-out trucks and a bevy of new consoles, Microsoft is taking its show on the road.

‘Jobs’ gets digital, Blu-ray release dates

jobs blu-ray

It may have been a dud, critically and at the box office, but maybe Jobs, the Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher, will begin a new life as cult classic once it’s released on home video.

Texas Motor Speedway Will Have World’s Largest HD Video Screen


Everything’s big in Texas, and that includes HDTVs. In a bid to get into the technological record books, the Texas Motor Speedway is partnering with Panasonic to create the Big Hoss TV.

PS4 app will turn mobile devices into second screen or controller

sony ps4

Use your phone or tablet to jump into the fray this November.

GTA V: The hype, the reviews, the issues, everything

gta v

While much of the world was sleeping last night, many others just couldn’t shut their eyes. They were driven by internal forces to their local retailers. They stood in line, forked over $60, and came away with the perhaps the biggest video game ever made. At midnight today, Grand Theft Auto V was unleashed.