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‘Murder, She Wrote’ comes back from the dead on Netflix

If your New Year’s resolution was to write more angry letters to Netflix about their pulling Murder, She Wrote from streaming, hold on there, maam. Put down that No. 2 pencil and make a celebratory pot of herbal tea, because Jessica Fletcher is back! Yes, all 12 seasons of the whodunit drama/unintentional comedy are back as of today and ready for your binge viewing pleasure.

It was back in October when we reported the sudden disappearance of MSW and the resulting worldwide depression that most of us fell into. Much like with one of the show’s murder mysteries, the disappearance of MSW also drew various theories: Was it a plot to lead fans to the newly released DVD boxed set? An expired contract? A technical glitch? While we don’t know for sure, one of the commenters on our article, Jasmin, gets the Nostradamus award for knowing the show would return January 1st. But, hmmm… given that way-too-accurate bit of knowledge, and Jasmin’s profile pic on our site being a bold white-on-red statement of “I don’t need friends, I have Netflix,” we’re gonna say Jasmin — if that is her/his real name — is on the Netflix payroll somewhere. No matter, we’re glad to have both Murder, She Wrote back and people like Jasmin keeping us on our toes.

As you might expect, fans of MSW are happy too, as evidenced by the latest comments on the show’s Netflix page:

“LOVE IT!!! This is my all-time favorite television series that I return time and again. I really appreciate the lead character being a smart, mature woman–Angela Lansbury is wonderful! The mystery-solving format is great and makes me smile during the entire television series. I hope that I will …read morebe able to continue to watch this series via Watch Instant.” 

“Love this show you made my new year thank you to Netflix for bringing Jessica back.”

“Thank you for bring back murder she wrote to streaming yippee. now if you’d bring back gunsmoke to streaming my whole family would be very happy.”

Sam Jordanhttps://hd-report.com
Sam Jordan is a freelance writer, editor, and comedian.


  1. I see they took Murder She Wrote off of netflix streaming again. They raise the price two dollars, then take away my show. That and Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes were the reason I got Netflix to begin with, and now, neither one of them are on!!


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