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List of the 2019 Oscar Nominations

The 2019 Oscar Nominations are in and there aren’t too many surprises in the list of potential winners. There are, however, several movies that either...

Where to See All the 2018 Best Picture Nominees

The 90th Academy Awards are now one month away (Sunday, March 4, 8 pm EST on ABC), and once again - for the discerning...

The List of 2014 Oscar Winners

Who took home the Oscars last night? As expected, Gravity won more Oscars than any other film but did not take home the Best...

Here are your Vegas odds on the Oscars

What're you gonna do, simply WATCH the Oscars? No way. Bet on them!

Amazon offers one-day deal for Oscar-winners on Instant Video

HD versions of Oscar classics are going for $6 today.

We Interrupt This 2D Oscar Show With Exciting 3D Promises!

So, did you see those Samsung 3D-HD-LED TV ads for hours on end while some show called the "Oscars" got in the way with...

ABC pulls the plug on Cablevision, clips Oscars

After an ongoing dispute between Disney (ABC's parent company) and cable TV provider Cablevision failed to be resolved, the network was pulled at midnight...

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