AT&T launches U-verse in Birmingham

AT&T has launched its IPTV (Internet Protocol) U-verse television and broadband internet service in Birmingham, Alabama. The television service offers 75 HD (High Definition) channels at 720p or 1080i resolution that are delivered using the company’s fiber-optic and copper network.

Fred McCallum, president of AT&T Alabama said on Friday, “Today’s launch of AT&T U-verse represents the fulfillment of our commitment to bring consumers in Alabama a new era of true video competition.”

The U-verse service uses fiber-optic hubs but also integrates existing copper (phone lines) to access most residencies. Because of AT&T’s use of existing lines, the company has been able to quickly expand its service which is a direct competitor to Verizon’s FiOS TV.

AT&T’s U-verse recently reached 1 million subscribers, and now covers at least 80 US markets in 16 states.

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2 Replies to “AT&T launches U-verse in Birmingham”

  1. Essentially, is this competition for the cable company, but through AT&T’s phone lines?

    Hope so, big fan of competition, would do our local cable companies good.

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