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FOX & FOX Sports Channels Might Be Dropped By DirecTV On Dec. 2 at Midnight.

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It’s the latest round of carriage disputes between TV service providers and networks. This time a dispute between satellite TV/streaming provider DirecTV and FOX/Fox Sports networks.

An existing distribution agreement ends at midnight on December 2 (meaning, the end of day of Dec. 2), and would leave NFL and World Cup fans without a way to watch games on FOX networks this coming weekend. The channels involved include local FOX stations (which you can get over-the-air in most locations), Fox Sports, FS1, FS2, Big Network, and Spanish-language Fox Deportes.

If an agreement isn’t made, customers would be affected on DTV satellite and streaming services that include DIRECTV, DIRECTV Stream and AT&T U-Verse.

To promote their view on the dispute FOX set up keepfox.com where readers can find this statement (partial):

“FOX remains committed to reaching a fair agreement with DIRECTV for the continued distribution of our networks. Despite our best efforts for months, we regret that DIRECTV continues to demand unprecedented special treatment that represents a wholesale change to our long-standing relationship and is out of step with marketplace terms.”

For their part, DirecTV set up the domain tvpromise.com which redirects to a DirecTV.com webpage that states:

“We’re working with Fox to renew several of its local broadcast stations, as well as national sports channels FS1, FS2, Big Ten Network, Fox Deportes, and Fox Soccer Plus at the best value while minimizing any interruption, no matter how brief. We have an excellent track record with Fox and have successfully renewed nearly 200 local FOX stations much like the ones involved here within the past few years.”

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  1. it’s not uncommon for disputes to occur between cable and satellite providers and television networks over carriage fees and contract negotiations. In such cases, it’s possible for a network to be dropped by a provider if an agreement can’t be reached, but it’s also possible for a last-minute agreement to be reached and for the network to remain on the provider’s lineup. It’s best to check with DirecTV or Fox for the most up-to-date information on the situation.

  2. The statement “FOX & FOX Sports Channels Might Be Dropped By DirecTV On Dec. 2 at Midnight” is referring to a potential dispute between DirecTV, a satellite television provider, and the Fox Corporation, which owns the FOX and FOX Sports channels. In these types of disputes, the two companies are typically negotiating over the fees that DirecTV pays to carry the Fox channels on its platform. If the two sides are unable to reach an agreement by the deadline, DirecTV may choose to drop the Fox channels from its lineup.

    This type of scenario is not uncommon in the television industry, as companies periodically renegotiate the fees they pay to carry different channels. These disputes can sometimes lead to channels being dropped temporarily, until a new agreement is reached. However, it’s worth noting that both the carrier and the channel owner have an interest in reaching an agreement, as both parties stand to lose if the channels are dropped.

    It’s also worth noting that, if the Fox channels are dropped by DirecTV, viewers may still be able to watch the channels through other TV providers or streaming services.

    In summary, the statement is true, DirecTV and Fox corporation are in negotiations for the carriage fees for Fox channels, if no agreement is reached, the channels may be dropped from DirecTV’s lineup. However, both parties have an interest in reaching an agreement and the channels may still be available through other providers.


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