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Weekly Tech Wrap Up: Fire TV’s upgrade, Sony TV HDR support, & more

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Here’s our weekly tech wrap-up of stories related to the entertainment and electronics industries.

Sony bringing more HDR support on 4k TVs

Sony’s upcoming firmware update for the X850C, X900C and X910C series will include 4k support, and join the X930C and X940C models that display HDR out-of-the box. We don’t have an exact date yet for the update, but Sony 4k TV owners can get prepared by searching for HDR content to stream (which pretty much means joining Amazon Prime at this point). And oh yeah, did we mention they are giving $100 credit towards HDR content from Amazon? Read more

Amazon’s newest Fire TV supports 4k

Wondering why the Fire TV has been unavailable to order from Amazon.com for some time now? Well now we know. Next month Amazon will release an updated model of the streaming media player, that most importantly includes support for 4k content on Ultra HD TVs. The player also has an upgraded quad-core processor, and expandable storage to 128GB via SD card slot. Read more

Cox leads Netflix internet speed rankings

Netflix’s latest ISP rankings for August, 2015 put Cox Communications at the top of the heap with an average speed of 3.67 Mbps. Following Cox was Verizon’s FiOS service at 3.64 Mbps, and Cablevision came in third place with an average of 3.63 Mbps. Read more

MLB’s At Bat app now features PIP on Apple iPad

Want to keep that game going in the corner of your tablet so you won’t miss the next grand slam? Major League Baseball’s MLB.com At Bat app for Apple iPads now features a picture-in-picture window (PIP) so you can do just that. In addition, the latest app updates for iOS, as well as Android devices, also include other new features. But iPad is only device to allow PIP at this time. Read more

Amazon announces $49 Fire Tablets coming soon

In addition to the Fire TV update, Amazon is also releasing a new Fire TV model that sells for just $49. The new tablet will also be available in a six-pack for $249 (no kidding), in which you get one tablet free. The tablet features a 7” IPS display, a quad-core processor, front- and rear-facing cameras, storage expandable up to 128GB, and runs on the Fire OS 5 “Bellini” operating system. Read more

BBC streaming service coming to the US

The BBC launched their internet-based iPlayer TV service in ’07, but so far has not made it to the US. However, as Reuters revealed, the BBC is expected to launch the service in the States (quite possibly under a different brand name), to bring BBC shows to the US that are not currently available on BBC America. Read more

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