Dish launches Epix HD & AMC HD

Dish Network has launched two new channels this week. The first is The 3 from Epix (also referred to as Epix 3) which offers “chop sockey” films from the ‘70s, teen comedies from the ‘80s, and late night “Shock Theater” style movies, as well as genre favs like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Rocky, Top Gun and The Terminator. Unfortunately the third channel from Epix is only offered in standard-definition.

The second channel added to Dish Network this week is the long awaited AMC HD — host of such popular shows as “Mad Men,” “Rubicon” and “Breaking Bad.” That news comes via who also mentions competing satco DirecTV still does not carry the channel in high-definition.

Where can you find the new Dish channels? The 3 from Epix can be found on channel 292 in SD. AMC HD can be found on channels 130 and 9529.

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