Netflix to build Android app

Whether or not Netflix will actually build an app to run on Android devices, the company has posted an open position for an Android Video Playback Expert on their website. An apparent Netflix employee on Reddit has also posted responses to comments saying “the way Android is blowing up it would be stupid of us to ignore that.”

The job posting is certainly for real. And, Netflix has already developed an app for the iPad with iPhone support soon to be released. So, the chances of Netflix launching an app for Android are certainly good. The only question would be, “when?” In the words of the Netflix “employee” commenting on Reddit, “I wish I knew more about a timeframe for you.”

Android software (first developed by Android Inc. who was acquired by Google) is now developed by the Open Handset Alliance. The OS is used for mobile gadgets and PCs such cell phones, tablets and netbooks.

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  1. Jason Tsai says:

    Nice post. I just found another that cited the actual quotes from NFLX on reddit and the android development job listing:

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