Comcast to add over 70 HD channels in Denver

Comcast will add over 70 new HD channels to its Denver markets under the brand “Xfinity,” that according to The Denver Post. Some Comcast subscribers in metropolitan Denver, Colorado Springs and Loveland areas have already started getting the high-def upgrades today. According to Comcast representative Cindy Parsons, most of metro Denver should have the channels by the end of this summer.

Comcast said many areas in the state of Colorado including Broomfield, Golden, Lakewood and Parker have already started getting the new high-def channel additions. More Comcast markets scheduled to also receive the HD channel upgrades include Arvada, Aurora, Littleton and Westminster.

Among the HD channels added to the Comcast high-definition lineup are BET HD, Comedy Central HD, Discovery HD, Lifetime HD, MSNBC HD and regional sports network Altitude HD (which broadcasts Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche games).

Comcast recently announced its 3D coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The company will broadcast at least 25 of the matches in 3D, and all 64 matches will be available to watch in 2D.

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2 Replies to “Comcast to add over 70 HD channels in Denver”

  1. babbaluga says:

    I wish they would let me pay for just hd channels. i never watch ANY hd channels. NEVER!!!

  2. steve says:

    If I made as many people mad as Comcast has, with their bogus we-take-away-your-channels-and-make-you-pay-more-to-get-them-back scheme, I’d change my name to “Xfinity,” too…

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