‘Resident Evil 5’ demo now playable on Xbox Live

As previously reported on this site, today is the big day for the release of the Resident Evil 5 demo. Today Xbox Live members will be able to download the demo – playable cooperatively just as the full version will be – and join in the adventures of series veteran Chris Redfield and newcomer Sheva Alomar as they battle to unravel the further mysteries of the Umbrella Corporation.

Like most of you, I will be playing the demo tonight. For those who do not get the chance to play, I will offer my impressions on the progress of the game so far. Check back in the days to come for the full write-up. Also, be sure to be here in March when we will offer a full review of the entire game.

What about a demo for PS3? Capcom has confirmed it will release the Resident Evil 5 demo for Playstation 3 on Feb. 2.

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