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Analyst pushes PS3 over Xbox 360

Todd Greenwald, an analyst at Signal Hill Capital Group in Baltimore was quoted as saying, “For the first time since the console launched, I really think there’s more reason to buy a PS3 than the 360.” He’s got good reason.

Although Microsoft plans to triple the amount of hard drive space on the Xbox 360, and keep the price at $349, the PS3 may offer more. At $399, a 40GB Playstation 3 gives you more than just a copy of Spiderman in high-def, you also get a Blu-ray Disc player.

Folks who want to dive into high-definition but don’t want to pay $300 plus for a BD (Blu-ray Disc) player, may find the PS3 the best economic choice. If you are also thinking of getting into high-definition gaming, and have been weighing the options, the choice is clear. There are also some exclusive PS3 games like Metal Gear Solid 4 that are pushing PS3 sales.

If Microsoft was smart, they would make the Xbox 360 compatible with BD discs as quickly as possible. Blu-ray is not going away any time soon. An internal, or even external BD player for less than $100 would keep them neck-and-neck with Sony. How does an Xbox 360/BD player combo for $399 sound?

In regards to pricing the PS3 more competitively with Xbox and Wii, Sony Corp. Chairman Howard Stringer said, “We’re not considering lowering the price. We don’t have to be nervous about what Xbox 360 does. We’re in fine shape.”


  1. All fanboy hysterics aside, the PS3 has sold 14 mil consoles to MS’s 19 mil so far. The PS3 is indeed starting to strut its stuff.

  2. What kind of analysts are these? This is completely ignoring all of the obvious and out crying personal factors.

    PS3 is not supposed to be a dedicated Blu-ray player, its SUPPOSED to be a gaming console. It has one or two high quality games, and that isn’t enough!

    And the Wii’s success should slap the sense into these “analysts” as its come to clear. People want a cheap and fun game console. Not flash and bleeding edge technology. And 360 sits between this and will soon reap the benefits.

    These analysts need to pick up a new profession. Blu-ray isn’t as popular as they think.


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