InfoSmart/Blu-ray gets $5 mil

InfoSmart Group, Inc. announced that on April 30th, 2008 it successfully landed a $5.0 million loan from two institutional investors. The loan is meant to help Blu-ray Disc (BD) expand its sales and marketing efforts internationally.

InfoSmart is based in Hong Kong and Brazil and manufactures DVDR and media storage products. The company plans to increase its Blu-ray Disc production in order to move into developed markets such as Asia, and presumably South America where they are one of the largest DVDR manufacturers.

Parker Seto, CEO of InfoSmart Group, said, “The addition of BD production lines to our recent acquisition of our first Anwell unit not only expands our Blu-Ray production capacity, but also adds balance to our product portfolio which now consists of DVDR, Flash Memory and now BD.”

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