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GTA IV sales break record in UK

Sales of “Grand Theft Auto IV” (GTA IV) broke the 24 hour sales record in the U.K. Sales topped 609,000, breaking the previous record set by “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” at 501,000 copies. The game is now the fastest selling game ever in the United Kingdom.

Those numbers come from ChartTrack, who also submitted that Xbox 360 copies outsold Playstation 3 copies by 61,000. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 accounted for 55% of all sales, while Sony’s PS3 held strong at 45%.

In the U.S., the “Grand Theft Auto” series has been under watch about concerns that it is too violent for children. The PTA (Parents Guidance Council) asked for the game to be kept away from children, while the Chicago Transit Authority pulled ads from its buses.

Analyst firm UBS estimated that GTA IV would sell at least six million-plus units in the U.S. in 2008, which equates to $360 million in sales.


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