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Xbox 360 to play Blu-ray Discs

The Chinese language Economic Daily News has reported that an order has been placed from Microsoft to manufacture new Xbox 360s with an internal Blu-ray drive. Are the rumours true or is this just wishful thinking? If Microsoft does include the Blu-ray drive will it hurt their former statements that the Xbox 360 would focus on downloadable HD content via Xbox Live, and that the future of content is not with discs?

Still though an Xbox 360 that could play both gaming discs as well as hi def Blu-ray discs would open the doors for the Microsoft product. And, if they did go with Sony’s Blu-ray format, what would hold them back from pursuing a gaming console compatible with Sony’s PS3 discs? A completely different technology yes, but so is Blu-ray.

Pegatron, the PC manufacturer, has apparently been given the orders. Quarter 3 will bring the truth of the matter.


  1. It would never happen either because both sides wouldn’t agree because there is still a battle going on. There is no competition anymore in the hi def disc arena.

  2. It would be impossible for the 360 to play PS3 games, but it’s definatly possible for a blu ray drive to read from DVD’s. This makes a lot of sense. Any game developer would tell you that the hardware and software used to render 3d animation on both consoles differs far too greatly for one to emulate the other. Even the most powerful PC on the market couldn’t possibly play a PS3 or 360 game, without the recoding from an experianced dev team, like EPIC did with GoW. Therefore, microsofts new bluray 360 could very well read games from a blu-ray disc, just never a PS3 encoded game from that disc.


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