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Comcast adds Auto Extend Recording & In-Game Highlights to X1

Previously, Comcast customers who wanted to be sure not to miss the outcome of sports events due to overtime or delay of game may...

Comcast X1 Subscribers in Central California get Live In-Home Streaming

This week, Comcast starting offering Central California customers on the X1 DVR platform the ability to stream all channels, including live-TV broadcasts, to any connected device in their...

Comcast Launches X1 Remote with Voice Control

Comcast has officially launched a new remote with voice control for the Xfinity X1 platform. The stylish new remote allows users to to find networks,...

Comcast Xfinity Share App Allows Live Mobile-to-Mobile Video Streaming

Comcast has announced a new feature for Xfinity TV customers on the X1 platform that allows real-time live streaming and sharing of video from...

Comcast’s X1 Platform User Interface Gets Updates

Comcast has made several improvements to the Xfinity X1 platform interface to improve user experience. One of the more visible changes can be found...

Comcast launches X1 Platform in Baltimore

Following the reveal of the next-gen X2 platform last week, Comcast announced today the launch of the Xfinity X1 Platform in the greater Baltimore...