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Saving Private Ryan announced for 4k w/Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos

Saving Private Ryan is just one of those movies we've been waiting for in 4k. Now it's happening, with an Ultra HD Blu-ray release that celebrates the 20th anniversary...

Amazon offers one-day deal for Oscar-winners on Instant Video

HD versions of Oscar classics are going for $6 today.

User Poll: Avatar wins Best Blu-ray Disc of 2010

In our annual user poll of the Best Blu-ray Disc Movie of the Year it comes as no surprise that Avatar (3-Disc Extended Edition) received...

What is the best Blu-ray movie of 2010?

Here's our annual polling of the best Blu-ray Disc movie of the year. 2010 was a great year for Blu-ray most weeks, and this...

Blu-ray Picks Of The Week for May 4th

This week there are plenty more Blu-ray offerings but not much worth purchasing (or in some cases renting, unless you really need your Michael Bolton fix).

‘Saving Private Ryan’ headed to Blu-ray

It's one of the films we've been waiting for on Blu-ray and it's headed for release on Paramount's Sapphire Series this coming May 4....