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Best Dolby Atmos: The Matrix Lobby Scene

We’re taking a look at some of the best Dolby Atmos scenes in film and television, starting with The Matrix (1999) lobby scene at 1:41:00 in the movie (3:30 in the YouTube clip above). If you like this article and want to read more please share on social media platforms!

In this scene from “The Matrix” (which is a bit longer than the clip above) the most dominant sound effects are bullets flying, casings falling, and the destruction of brick and marble. It’s pure organized chaos from an audio perspective. You might consider listening to the scene without watching the visual element just to focus on the sound.

In a multi-speaker environment, the effects are immersive, approximating the positions of the heroes and security guards who are trying to stop them. There are multiple layers of audio tracks (Oscar-nominated for Best Sound and Best Sound Editing) that fill the audio space more than most films. 

What’s interesting about the sound design is that while some action is in slow-motion the sound is played at the same pitch (even though slowing down audio would change the pitch). For example, at 4:30 Neo’s slow-motion gunshots match the action but keep the pitch of the previous sounds. However, other sound effects are used to represent bullets in slow motion.    

As far as music, the trademark ‘Matrix’ soundtrack title “Spybreak!” creeps up slowly in volume and adds percussion at about 15 seconds in the scene. What’s memorable about the sound design is at times all sound is dropped except the percussion. The music score is also keyed with the action. In one moment [4:03] the song “Spybreak!” changes pitch just as Neo emerges from behind a column with guns drawn. At 4:45, all sounds stop with the exception of the foley effect of Neo picking up a new weapon. 

Foley sounds and effects heighten the action in The Matrix. At 3:47 what sounds like an airplane passing by augments Trinity as she makes a 360-degree in mid-air. At 3:55 and again at 4:24 Trinity’s kicks and punches are enhanced by a sword-like swoosh (omnipresent in Japanese martial arts films). The scene ends with the sound of a security guard falling, guns hitting the marble floor, and Trinity’s footsteps.

Funny enough, the gunshot fired first in this particular clip sounds like an effect from a John Wayne western rather than the modern weapons used in the movie. There is basically no dialogue in this scene. However, at 3:55 you can hear Trinity grunt as she kicks a security guard.

The Matrix is just one movie that is enhanced with the integration of surround sound and Dolby Atmos immersive audio. It ranks among the best 4k Blu-rays of all time. Also Read: What is Dolby Atmos?


Title: The Matrix (1999)
Director(s): The Wachowskis
Sound Design: Dane A. Davis
Music Composition: Don Davis
Format: 4k Blu-ray Disc (Details) / Digital 4k UHD (Amazon)

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