Star Trek: Picard Season One Releasing to Blu-ray & DVD

Star Trek: Picard Season One Blu-ray FPO

The first season of the CBS All Access series Star Trek: Picard has been dated for Blu-ray and DVD release on October 6, 2020. We will not be getting a 4k Blu-ray edition any time soon, unfortunately, but this was also true of Season One and Season Two of CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery. Oh, how the episodes would look in 4k with HDR!

The Blu-ray and DVD releases of Star Trek: Picard will, however, give Star Trek fans who don’t subscribe to CBS All Access an opportunity to watch this exciting series on disc. We might also add that when given the choice a high quality Blu-ray is preferable to a digital stream any day of the week.

Specs aren’t official yet for the first season of ‘Picard,’ but will likely follow that of ‘Discovery’ episodes on Blu-ray which would be 1080p MPEG-4 video with DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1. And, hopefully the Blu-ray edition will include some bonus material like behind-the-scenes footage and conversations with cast and crew.

Star Trek: Discovery Seasons 1 and 2 also featured many options for subtitles that hopefully ‘Picard’ will offer including English SDH, Danish, Flemish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Amazon has the Blu-ray edition of Star Trek: Picard – Season One priced $45.49 and DVD $37.34. (Order from Amazon) Best Buy is also releasing a Blu-ray SteelBook edition (pictured below) for $49.99. (Order from Best Buy)

Star Trek: Picard Season Blu-ray SteelBook
Star Trek: Picard Season Blu-ray SteelBook

Star Trek: Picard takes you to the end of the 24th Century after Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart) has retired and living peacefully. But he’s brought back to Starfleet when a young woman named Dahj (Isa Briones) seeks his help.

Along with Stewart, returning Star Trek cast members on the series include Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, and Jeri Ryan. The show was created by Kirsten Beyer, Michael Chabon, and Akiva Goldsman.

Season 1 episodes were directed by Star Trek veterans including Jonathan Frakes, Maja Vrvilo, Douglas Aarniokoski, Akiva Goldsman, and Hanelle M. Culpepper.

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