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Star Trek: Discovery – Season Two Blu-ray Release Date & Details

Star-Trek-Discovery-Season-Two-Poster-720pxStar Trek: Discovery – Season Two is arriving on Blu-ray Disc on Nov. 12, 2019. The second season ran from Jan. 3 through Aug. 17, 2019 and consists of 14 episodes that streamed exclusively on CBS All Access. For those of us who don’t subscribe to the streaming service, the Blu-ray edition is something to look forward to after an exciting first season.

Since Season 1 aired, CBS All Access has improved their streaming quality to 1080p so there isn’t too much of a video quality advantage. However, because CBS All Access only streams the show in two-channel audio you’ll be able to enjoy deeper 5-channel audio with DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1.

And, you can also listen to the episodes in Dolby Digital 5.1 in five different languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

There is also a bunch of production featurettes with behind-the-scenes footage, conversations with cast and crew, costume and create design, and more.

Star Trek: Discovery – Season Two 4-disc set on Blu-ray is selling for $42.99 (Buy on Amazon, while the DVD is selling for $28.94 (Buy on Amazon). There is also a Limited SteelBook Edition (pictured below) priced $49.99. (Best Buy)

Special Features

  • CREATURE COMFORTS: SEASON TWO: Producers, craftsmen, and actors discuss the design process, the implementation, and the performance required to bring characters to life. Be sure to watch the one-on-one conversation between makeup artist James MacKinnon and L’Rell actress Mary Chieffo.
  • CREATING SPACE: There are some shots that just can’t be done practically when a show is set in space. The VFX team, headed by Jason Zimmerman, pushes the envelope every week to create amazing computer graphics in order to give fans a realistic feel of space.
  • DESIGNING DISCOVERY: SEASON TWO: On a show where no location exists in our world, the production and lighting design teams must create every space. Learn how they pulled it off.
  • DRESS FOR SUCCESS: SEASON TWO: Gersha Phillips and her team discuss how costumes inform a character and how they create a spectacular array of clothing, uniforms, and armor for every kind of species.
  • ENTER THE ENTERPRISE: Discovery’s production designer, builders, actors, and producers discuss the daunting task of reviving the iconic ship’s bridge.
  • PROP ME UP: SEASON TWO: Propmaster Mario Moreira takes fans through the world of Discovery props.
  • PUTTING IT TOGETHER: Follow the real-life Discovery crew through preparation, shooting, and posting the second-season finale.
  • STAR TREK: DISCOVERY: THE VOYAGE OF SEASON TWO: A look at the adventures and plot twists encountered in season two by the Discovery crew.
  • THE RED ANGEL: Go behind the scenes with Discovery’s producers and directors, as well as Sonequa Martin-Green and the craftspeople who created the Red Angel and made it come to life.
star trek discovery season 2 steelbook blu-ray
“Star Trek Discovery: Season Two” Blu-ray Limited SteelBook Edition

[Editor’s Note: The date originally posted was Nov. 10, 2019. We have updated to Nov. 12, 2019. And, updated with disc special features.]

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