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Netflix loses nearly 1,800 streaming titles

Did you hear that Whoosh noise this week? That was the sound of almost 1,800 Netflix streaming titles vanishing from their online library. Sure, movies and TV shows come and go all the time on Netflix, but this time was a little different. As reported by BGR, the disappearing act on May 1 was due to the expiration of licensing deals with studios like MGM, Warner Bros. and Universal—the big boys.

Some of the key losses include Bond flicks like Dr. No and Goldfinger (Thunderball remains, however!) and Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories. Slate went so far as to call it Streamageddon, but many of the titles were hardly in high demand. A Netflix spokesman pointed to 500 new titles such as ParaNorman and The Hunger Games, saying a “vast majority” of the expired titles were older features from an expired deal with Epix.” That said, South Park fans also have reason to fret: That show will cease streaming after May 29.

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