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NBA 2012 opening day schedule

Not that we wanted the World Series to end so quickly (although Giants fans would argue), but the swift defeat of the Tigers in 4 games leaves the week completely open for the first week of NBA games. Tonight, Oct. 30, there are 3 games scheduled: Washington vs. Cleveland; Boston vs. Miami; and Dallas vs. the Los Angeles Lakers. The Wizards and the Cavs have a bit of hatred for one another, in recent years fueled by the ’06 4-2 playoff loss the Wizards suffered. The Lakers and the Mavs have also had their moments, most recently when Dallas swept the Lakes in the ’11 second round playoffs (although that rivalry is clearly overshadowed by San Antonio, and err, those Celtics). And, we all know about the hatred between Boston and Miami. But, the addition of Ray Allen to the Heat is certainly going to make this rivalry, shall we say, a bit more interesting. Check out the NBA opening schedule below.

NBA 2012 Opening Night, Tuesday, Oct. 30:

  • 7:00PM (ET) Washington vs. Cleveland (NBA TV)
  • 8:00PM (ET) Boston vs. Miami (TNT)
  • 10:30PM (ET) Dallas vs. Los Angeles Lakers (TNT)

How does the rest of the week look? On Weds., Oct. 31 there are 9 NBA games scheduled, Thursday 2 games, and Friday 12 games. It’s not only Halloween, it’s a great week for NBA!

By the way, if you’ve got DIRECTV, the company is offering a free preview of NBA League Pass through Nov. 6.

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