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What happened to HDNet?

It’s a question we’ve received in our inbox several times over. Have you found yourself searching for HDNet on your channel guide, only to come up with nada? Early this summer, the channel was rebranded as AXS.tv, following a joint venture formed between founder Mark Cuban, American Idol host/media producer Ryan Seacrest, Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), and Creative Artists Agency. Some have responded to the rebrand calling it the “worst in TV history.” Others are less concerned with the name brand and more concerned with any future changes in programming.

Initially, when the AXS.tv launched there were murmurs the channel would veer away from male-focused programming and steer towards pop culture shows and performance events produced by AEG. Since the rebrand however, most of the programming has stayed the same, with such shows as Dan Rather Reports, Art Mann Presents, live concert recordings, and MMA sporting events still in the lineup. One noticeable change is that nudity has been censored by either editing out or blurring.

What might confuse you even more though is HDNet Movies still lives. The sister channel (now sharing a different name) broadcasts only in HD without commercial interruptions. The channel shows a variety of catalog titles that have been converted to high-defition, and recently started releasing titles from Cuban’s Magnolia Pictures day-and-date with theatrical openings — much to the chagrin of movie theater owners.


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HDNet Movies

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AXS TV logo (formerly HDNet)


  1. Just watched High Plains Drifter on HDNet Movies On Demand. Showed without clipping, BUT…now they interrupt 3-4 times for 30 seconds to tell you what you are watching. I’ve seen the same thing on other HD movie channels and Disney Channel before they turned to crap.

  2. I loved HDnet especially the male oriented program and thankfully some lack of censoring. I thought for once this would be the beginning of of the end of the prudish nature of america but I guess I was wrong and the channel is back to some crappy channel which ultimately will die. Well Ryan Seacrest had to waste his millions somewhere but why deprive all the men of some pleasure. Hate that guy…

  3. Axs tv is THE most boring network since the removal of HDNets programming. I don’t even tune to the channel and wouldn’t care if it was removed completely.

  4. I find the new channel to be boring. As a male, the old channel had more “interesting” programming. I wish they would bring back the old format. Some of the programs were stupid, but at least they were unique in the sea of everyone producing the same crap. I rarely watch AXS now.


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