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No Amazon Instant Video for PS3?

The question of “No Amazon Instant Video for PS3?” is a topic found on’s discussion forum, a subject that has been one of frustration for PlayStation 3 owners. Why can’t you watch Amazon Instant Video through your console, when some Blu-ray players and other devices support the streaming service? Well in a way you can, if you use an application such as PlayOn. Unfortunately, PlayOn must be purchased first ($39.99 per year or $79.99 one time) and requires a network-connected PC to get Amazon Instant Video to run on the PS3. The software also works on Wii and Xbox.

But why can’t you simply download an app from the PlayStation store? There’s the argument that Xbox and PS3 (Microsoft and Sony) don’t want competition from the streaming service from Amazon – since they have their own video-on-demand store. But both consoles already support streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu, so the argument might not be a valid one.

Whatever the case may be, an Amazon Instant Video app for the PS3 and Xbox would surely be welcome in the gaming community, especially given the fact many distraught Netflix customers are looking for other options.

[UPDATE: Amazon launches PS3 app for Instant Video]


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