Fellini’s restored ‘I Clowns’ to release on Blu-ray

Fellini’s 1970 film I clowns (also known as “The Clowns”) is headed for hi-def Blu-ray Disc on October 18. The film stars Federico Fellini as himself as he explores his own childhood fascination with the circus. The newly restored 35mm film transfer will mark the first Blu-ray formatted disc from distributer Raro Video. The Blu-ray will include the Fellini short film “Un Agenzia Matrimoniale” (1953), “Fellini’s Circus” (a visual Film essay by Adriano Aprà), and a fifty page booklet with Fellini’s production notes and drawings. MSRP for the single-disc I Clowns is a hefty $39.98 but Amazon has got it to pre-order at $20.99.

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