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Google TV will expand to Europe

Google will expand its Google TV service to Europe early next year, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt announced on Friday. He mentioned fears in the U.S. that Google TV could create competition for studios and broadcasters, but tried to assure the British audience that Google TV’s intention is to support the industry while creating an “open platform” for television much like what Google has done with Android.

Google TV’s launch in Europe will be interesting to watch, especially in regards to how much content studios will allow to be accessed. Last year, when Google TV launched in the U.S., major networks ABC, NBC, and CBS blocked their content from the service, only allowing promotional trailers and clips to be used.

In July, Google partner Logitech initiated a price drop for their Google TV Revue product from $249 to $99, which according to a TechCrunch article signals the downfall of the product. Google’s other partner, Sony, still sells their Sony Internet TV (Powered by Google TV) product for $299.

Article Source: Reuters

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