Devil May Cry 5 trailer released

Among the many video game previews released at the Tokyo Game Show Devil May Cry 5 stood out as one of the sickest looking upcoming games. Release date has yet to be announced from developer Capcom but expected sometime in 2011. Devil May Cry 5 is being produced for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and the rating is most certainly “Mature.” Other games to look for include Steel Battalion Heavy Armor (Xbox 360), Asura’s Wrath (platforms TBA), and Shadows of the Damned (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360).

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41 Replies to “Devil May Cry 5 trailer released”

  1. ILLRAVEN says:

    people look its Dante from a younger age i mean i was mad too but look how he was raised his father died then his mother he thought Vergil died but he didn’t. So this may be the reason Dante was locked up he stopped caring about every thing, because every thing he loved was taking from him. and i bet u receive Rebellion at the middle or end of the game so don’t hope for Devil trigger people he still young and might find out y Vergil became ruthless i no y but Im not telling

  2. sunny says:

    hope dis isnt d real trailer of dmc 5….if it is really was expecting a lot more dan dis. DIS video is really disgusting. BUT i hope dat d real dmc 5 would b much better dan dis n it must b just as 4..yea;)

  3. Michael says:

    In the video you can see that the top of dantes hair is white -.-

  4. Ryan says:

    Maybe this is based on Dante’s early life? :P I mean, why would they go from late 30’s Dante to early 20’s (Possibly 18) Dante? Most games do that. : / The beginning of it all, is always the final game. :P

  5. She1kra says:

    Arrrgghhh… Come on people! This game takes place BEFORE he battled Virgil at Temen-ni-gru, before he even discovered rebellion. So I’m not surprised that his hair is dyed (and if you look closely, you can see a white patch on to of his head) and that he doesn’t have his trademark sword. I’m honestly amazed that this many people would pitch such a hissy fit over a hair color in a teaser trailer…

  6. Well look hear guys not to be a spoiler but if you pay close attention to the top of his head you will notice that his hair is white

  7. yujfyujfyhgtezhsnyfjmg says:

    maybe that’s how he originally looked and his hair changes because of some change in the climax and the sweord he has in the trailer might change to the sword he usually uses.

  8. zdxd says:

    Note that his hair is whiter outside of containment than when he’s inside

  9. That guy... says:

    lol he has skunk hair

  10. Silver says:

    AW men, I’m a huge fan of the DMC series but this trailer… it just breaks my heart…

  11. Jess says:

    seriously…mass people are thinking it, the ppl who made this game BETTER go back and fix Dante’s face! HELL NO where is the white hair?!?! the strong body?! this dude looks like a crack head…i want the REAL Dante in the game…

  12. joniblaze says:

    That’s EMC.. Short for Emo May Cry! waaaaaaaaa

  13. joniblaze says:

    That’s not Devil may cry… That’s EMO MAY CRY :((

  14. Brillo says:

    If nobody noticed, the top of his head has grayish hair. So it’s very likely that it is Dante. Also, i wouldnt judge an entire videogame on a trailer that lasts one minute.

  15. Bryan says:

    This one is for mr.x it cant because if you have ever played dmc 3 which is the prologue of the whole series you see a picture of him and vergil and their mother as kids and dante has white hair and the amuley. The game has to be either an alternate world version where this dante is the bad guy or this is just a cloned version of dante designed to do whatever. If you notice in the trailer you hear what is your name? Several tomes until finnaly he says. My name is dante. Thats why they said experiment subject (idont know) and it sjowed a camera zoom in on him.

  16. Bryan says:

    I read up and payed close attention everyone. Dont worry. In the trailer you hear someone say project something and he keeps saying what is your name. I was thought it would be a vlone or something. Like an experiment of a alternate ego form of dante. But later found out that this is an alternate worl in the game. The dante that you see is his opposite world form!!! Believe me. If you pay attention it makes sense. He aint wearing the amulet that he wore in the other games either!

  17. Sparda12112 says:

    My name is dante. lsten this is the biggest [email protected]'{ i have ever heared their is no chance in hell about you being dante. black hair, ciagr}}{. all of this is crap.

  18. Why change the character to make him and the story look real that is how a lot of gammes eventualy start sucking why not just change the name of the game to something else

  19. Mr. X says:

    I’am not going to judge it just yet. and people chill a little it’s just when danta was younger before danta becomes to the all trash talking as kick slayer we all love!

  20. wow says:

    this guy suck..where is dante??his style?

  21. Dmc5? says:

    Lets just wait for more news then i can rate about this game.

  22. ladyblackhat 13 says:

    so it is a reboot… urgh…. i just really hope they don’t go & fuck it up. i’ll be sooo pissed.. i just hope it comes out soon. i wanna play it soooo bad.

  23. elegy808 says:

    Before people flip. U have to remember he is half human. Hmm… kinda like how Inuyasha turns human on a new moon. Jus sayin don’t knock it until u we get sum more info! This could turn out to be the best Dmc games ever! Lol I’m done now

  24. elegy808 says:

    I don’t care what he looks like. I jus wanna play the game. And in my own opinion I think this Dante beforw he fully awakened. Kinda like somethin u wuld see in an anime. He hasn’t fully realized his power abd when he does his hair will depict that! Lol idk why its like this and I don’t really care. Although I do want some insight to his background. And Nero’s too!

  25. THATGUY says:

    This is not a prequel, if u don’t know its a “Reboot” of the DMC franchise,

  26. ifrat says:

    when will DEVIL MAY CRY 5 PC game will release?

  27. mark says:

    i rather chew some acid, it better not be “The Dante” it sicks lmao

  28. ladyblackhat 13 says:

    people! the reason dantes’ hair is black is because there was a time when called himself tony redgrave & i believe that during this time he cut his hair & dyed it black so that the demons & what not wouldn’t know that he was the son of sparda…… i’ve read books about devil may cry & sruff…. i am sooo obsessed… i probably need help. lmao

  29. Daniel Bourbonnais says:

    you are all clearly fools, this guy is clearly either a Dante wannabe, that’s why he thinks he’s Dante
    or someone who happens to also be named Dante
    because he doesn’t have the right sword
    Dante’s sword from the other ones, he always uses because it was a gift from his father, legendary demon Sparda

  30. Edgar says:

    Temple71 m8 the kid shown in the trailer cant just be idolizes dante because he HAS DANTES GUNS yeah. look at the trailer and you will see what i mean

  31. nahuel says:

    you have yo be kiding me that sucks the story has to be like, vergil has to come again, nero too, a battle bewteen brothers that will be cool

  32. Temple71 says:

    Man people are jumping to some pretty wild conclusions. nothing is known about this game. Maybe the character shown is dante’s son, or grandson? or cousin, or one of dante’s old love interests kids, named out of respect. or maybe it’s just a complete coincidence his name is dante? or, maybe capcom just put that there to mess with people and the person saying “my name is dante” is not the one shown in the video. maybe its just some kid that idolizes dante and so calls himself by the name. I mean, it even says the kid is phycho. people need to relax and not judge a game as garbage from one short trailer

  33. Wolfie says:

    I will admist the game looks decent, but he looks like a #[email protected]&*%, Dante is subpose to be the white haired badass that everyone knows and loves him for, this game better be the best of all the DMC’s.

  34. 6reezy says:

    i hope 2 god this game doesnt turn out as muCh of a tragedy as this bullshit trailer did
    been a fam since dmc 1 nd the game itself has been shifty like dmc1 wuz great dmc2 wuz fairly moderate 2 me dmc3 wuz kickass dmc4 wuz REALLY shifty 2 me nd we can only hope that the series will rise again in dmc5

  35. Edgar says:

    the south park Reaction is funny XD

  36. Hbk181 says:

    Why this game is’nt for pc suck u all

  37. Konnor says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so pissed. This is supposed to be a younger Dante. Honestly, how is a fifteen year old Dante supposed to look? He should be skinny and since he has no friends or family, because of the whole demon thing, maybe even a little malnourished. I’m not going to pretend to know why his hair is like that but I’m sure it will change by the end of the game, since this is a prequel.
    This won’t be a new low for the series but it may reach a new high for it in terms of story telling.

  38. Edgar says:

    ok ok the game looks good but dante DOS NOT LOOK good with black hair and he needs to look stronger. if the game comes out with dante looking like what he looks like in the trailer the game will suck bad

  39. Ryan says:

    Looks like the franchise has hit a new low…

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