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Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold Family Pack Unveiled

Microsoft unveiled today a new subscription plan that gives families that have both gamer parents and children a great bargain. The Xbox Live Gold Family Plan features four one-year Xbox Live Gold Memberships for $99.99, the price of two regular subscriptions (and a savings of $100).

In addition, there will also be a newly updated “Family Center” area of the Xbox Live Dashboard that makes managing settings for the four accounts simple. Parents can block all mature content from the Xbox Live Marketplace, from Mature games to R-rated movies, and control what games children can play with a blocklist. The primary account can also purchase MS Points and disperse them to the children’s accounts as they see fit.

The timing of the Family Plan coincides with the Kinect’s launch, which has been heavily marketed as family friendly entertainment.

The Gold Family Plan will be available in November for $99.



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