Panasonic Viera 3D commercial shows Avatar in 3D

A new Panasonic commercial shows Avatar in 3D (screen images simulated) before the 3D versions of the Blu-ray Disc or digital versions are even available. Does anyone find this to be wrong? However, the company is offering a $25 rebate on the non-3D version of Avatar when you buy select Panasonic equipment until July 10, 2010. The Viera VT series 3D plasma HDTVs feature 600 Hz sub-field drive and Infinite Black Panel Pro technology. Panasonic starting shipping the VT25 P50 and P54 models early last week. The 58-inch and 65-inch classes will start shipping sometime in June.

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Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot writes about technology, broadcasting, and digital entertainment. You can also find him on Gameverse, Gadget Review, and Google+.

3 Replies to “Panasonic Viera 3D commercial shows Avatar in 3D”

  1. A Brilliant Genius says:

    I didn’t catch any mention of 3D capabilities in that commercial…

  2. dontcare says:

    they can show whatever they want im not buying a 3d tv for one movie.

  3. bitwarrior says:

    whats the point of showing if you cant get it yet!

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