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PlayStation 3 gaining developer support in 2010?

Since its launch in 2006, the PS3 has had a rather rocky relationship with third-party game developers. The Xbox 360 is regarded by most as the more programer-friendly console and has, therefore, been the lead platform for most studios in the early development of their multi-platform titles. However, after years of disappointing PS3 ports, development studios seem to be making the switch to help ensure an equal experience on both platforms.

Capcom has been a trailblazer with their Dead Rising, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Lost Planet series’ — creating nigh indistinguishable experiences for all titles on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Now Kojima Productions joins the fray as one of the many Japanese gaming studios that are beginning to develop games for multiple systems. The difference between these two studios is that, like the makers of Dead Space, Final Fantasy XIII and Burnout: Paradise, Kojima Productions is joining the ever growing number of studios who are using the PS3 as their lead platform.

Kojima Productions have announced that their new title, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows will indeed be developed using PlayStation 3 as the lead platform. Although, Xbox 360 owners have no need to worry. Producer David Cox had this to say about the development: “PS3 is the lead platform but the game is identical on both formats”.

Will using the PS3 as the lead platform change the world of gaming? Not likely. However, with more developers spending more time getting to know the PS3’s complicated Cell Processor, gamers do have a greater chance of seeing great mulitplatform games on whichever system they may own.


  1. don’t forget the PS3 is intended to be complicated against piracy, too.

    It’s a much much much bigger fight than Nintendo and Microsoft combined as Blu-ray transcends video games, movie, music, computer software industries all toghether now.

    In the end it will be more profitable to do business with the PS3.

  2. PS3 FTW!
    Making the ps3 to the “leadplatform” makes everything better!
    * No bad multiplats for the ps3
    * Games will run a little bit smoother on ps3 then on the 360
    * 360/ps3 games will look better then when the 360 was the leadplatform

    When all multiplats will run smoother on ps3 the only thing xbox will have is XBL and Halo

  3. The PS3 will end up being the winner in the end with the most popularity and profit without question due to it’s high tech structure and operating system. The PS3 will be like the PS2.. The hands down winner…

  4. thats not true. sony made it hard to 3rd party developers from the start. even in japan the sales were less than they should have been at the start BECAUSE there was no software. i think sony wanted to have it more proprietary so they could make more money. just like they own blu-ray, disney, distribution…basically everything from production to the shelves.

  5. Sony made their hardware complicated so that TALENTED devs could get the most out of it. Why do you think no 360 game looks even 1% as good as Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2? PS3’s hardware is designed for peak performance, however it only works if developers are prepared to put in the hours.

    Yes the 360 is easy to develop for – just like it’s easy to stick a ready – meal in the Microwave for 7 minutes. However if you want a quality end product that doesn’t taste/look like ash you need to be prepared to put in the necessary work. Which is where the Cell processor comes in.

  6. So let me get this straight, the PS3 came out alter, costs more to make and Sony keeps telling everyone how it’s so much mre advanced and how their games are only possible on the PS3. Yet when games are made with the Xbox 360 as the lead platform the PS3 version suffers but when it’s the PS3 as the lead platform they are basically identical? Amazing how Microsoft managed to release the XBOX and had it priced the same as the PS2 but managed to rarely ever have issues with ports and when it was the lead platform it showed the discrepancies between what each hardware was capable of between the PS2 and XBOX.

    Sony needs to stop shoving their proprietary hardware down peoples throats and forcing developers to go their way all the time. Make a user friendly system that is bot powerful yet efficient then we won’t spend the first few years having inferior games.

  7. I apologize for my confusing statement. Dead Rising was never released for PS3. I was just saying that Capcom was one of the first of the big Japanese companies to embrace development on the Xbox 360, which then lead to simultaneous development for both systems.

  8. When did Dead Rising come out for PS3? Cause if it did I would buy it without question. It’s really the lesser of two evils for the developers. First they complain about the difficult to program for Cell processor, then games like KZ2 and Uncharted come out and make them look stupid because these guys developed just for one system and made gameplay graphics look better then their (third party) studio in game cutscenes graphics. It’s called raising the bar and everyone would rather show their talent for creating games the best way and thats with a PS3 because of blu ray. Burnout paradise looked GREAT on my tv and it was a really fun game and that was develped with PS3 being the lead hardware. Now if you will excuse me, I just beat the God of War Collection (again) and am going to try out Dragon Age: Origins. BaDoom!!!

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  10. It’s not that the PS3 is gaining support. It already had developer support. It’s that they’ve learned that, while developing on the 360 is easy, porting a game from the 360 to the PS3 is a giant pain and can result in the PS3 game being inferior (see Bayonetta, Ghostbusters, etc). It’s much easier to take a game from the PS3 and port it over to the 360 and get a near identical experience for PS3 and 360 owners.


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