Syfy’s Caprica broadcast debut

caprica-still-5A new Syfy series “Caprica” will debut Friday, Jan. 22 in high-definition at 9pm ET/8pm. However, the premiere pilot (to be presented with limited commercials) won’t exactly be debuting unseen, as it has already been available on Hulu,, and other on-demand outlets.

According to a Multichannel article, Syfy says 1.5 million people would have seen at least part of the 2-hour pilot. But that was just part of the marketing plan says Syfy. The network claims the pilot was meant to tease all 18 episodes of the show, and hopes are anyone who has already caught a glimpse would tune-in to watch the whole broadcast premiere on the network.

Caprica evolved out of the network’s much acclaimed Battlestar Galactica series which ended last year (after 4 seasons). The narrative takes place almost 60 years before Battlestar Galactica, before the Twelve Colonies of Man were united and before Cylon robots devastate humanity.

Caprica follows a conflict between two families — The Adamas and the Graystones, in a futuristic setting in which artificial intelligence is about to change everything. SyFy calls the show “television’s first science fiction family saga.” The series stars Eric Stoltz (Mask), Esai Morales (La Bamba), and Alessandra Torresani (Going to the Mat).

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Jeff Chabot

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