Samsung to unveil 14-inch OLED capable of 3D

samsung logoSamsung says they will demonstrate three new OLED displays at the CES press event on Jan. 6 (before the public exhibits start on Thursday). The most interesting is a prototype “Crosstalk Free” OLED display from Samsung Mobile Display that features image switching quick enough to display 3D images by eliminating optical “crosstalk.”

The 14-inch qFHD (Quad Full High-Definition) 3D OLED display has a resolution of 960×540 and 100,000:1 contrast ratio. Panel thickness of the display prototype is just 1.6mm.

Other OLED prototypes Samsung will show off include a 14-inch qFHD Transparent OLED for Note PCs, which Samsung says is the first and largest of its kind. The transparent OLED can be used for smartphones, vehicle displays, MP3s and mini PCs. The transparency (when the screen is off) is 40%, much higher than the industry standard which Samsung says is 25%.

A 2-inch Electronic-ID OLED is a prototype for an electronic ID card that can store information and images. The AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) powered card needs no battery, as it draws power from RF-powered sources (that are AMOLED adapted.)


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