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DirecTV’s new satellite will enable more HD channels

directv_logo_3d_v2DirecTV officially announced a successful launch of their new satellite, DIRECTV 12, which the company says will allow them to offer 200 HD channels to subscribers. Although this would put them way ahead of competitors, they have not announced any of the channels they would offer.

Are there actually 200 HD channels to be had? Currently, DirecTV offers 130 HD channels, although some PPV channels are included in that number. There are some channels they could add in high-definition, for example AMC HD, but to reach 200 they would have to include many more PPV channels.

On Dec. 31 DirecTV said they renewed a contract with Rainbow Media to continue carriage of AMC, Fuse, IFC, Sundance Channel and WeTV (some of which are offered in HD.) At the same time they renewed their agreement with Cablevision’s regional sports networks MSG and MSG Plus (available in 1080i HD).

DirecTV made no mention of the rumored “3D channel,” which could be the first of its kind and give them something unique to market. Would the channel be HD? Would it also broadcast upscaled standard-def movies (considering the relatively limited library of 3D movies)?

And, finally, would the 3D channel be DirecTV-owned? Launching their own HD channels may be one way to come closer to the 200 number, otherwise, we may be waiting a long time to have that many hi-def selections.

Jeff Chabot
Jeff Chabot
Jeff has a background in photography, video and television production. He writes about technology, broadcasting, home theater, and digital entertainment.


  1. I also heard that Directv will start changing some of their 1080i channels to 1080p by the end of the year…..Its time to get one of those new cloverleaf c5 IEC adapter for your HD satellite receiver so you use a better after market power cable!

  2. How about they give us the “extra” Showtime channels that Verizon has? I don’t know what they are, but I want them? Since they just raised prices they should give me everything for the $155 I spend every month!

    Showtime West
    Showtime Showcase
    Showtime Showcase West
    Showtime 2
    Showtime 2 West
    Showtime Beyond
    Showtime Beyond West
    Showtime Extreme
    Showtime Extreme West
    Showtime Women
    Showtime Women West
    Showtime Next
    Showtime Next West
    Showtime Family Zone
    Showtime Family Zone West

  3. Anybody else notice in the DirecVD guide mag all the HD listings that AREN’T in HD (e.g. HBO has only 1 HD offering; I don’t count the East/West feed as 2)? Compared to Showtime and Starz, that’s weak. I can’t get Fox or NBC in HD because of market size (Carmel/Salinas), although Dish offers them. Have to say, knowing what I know now about DirecVD, I would’ve stayed with Comcast.

  4. All DirecTV has said is that they will have the CAPACITY for 200 HD channels. They have not actually said they WOULD be adding any more. There is no mention anywhere on their web site about more HD channels coming soon, just a few mentions of the capacity being expanded. Frankly I’m not getting my hopes up.

  5. i have directv and all my locals are on hd already would like to see some more of the other package channels on hd but other than that no complaints the wife watches the lifetime and lmn channel and the hallmark and oxygen would like those to be hd but they arent so that it would be appreciated on the tv.

  6. I vote for Sportsman Channel HD and Outfoor Channel HD. Can’t believe that TWC carries these in many areas and I can’t get them on Directv. Oh, and how about (finally) picking up my local affiliates in HD so I can toss the OTA antenna?

  7. how about they stop compressing the heck out of the hd channels now so they don’t become so pix elated. And fix your hd receivers they are to slow. Dish networks receivers are not this slow.

  8. Wow what would they fill these 200 channels with? I don’t think local channels that are still not offered in HD would be a part of this.

    Anyways, as a proud DirecTV HD subscriber I wish for these channels in High Def.

    Versus HD, come DirecTV and Comcast, kiss and make up!
    E! HD
    Style HD
    G4 HD (Yeah, I like Comcast channels but they don’t exist in my area, only TIME WARNER DEVIL)
    BBC America HD
    Travel Channel HD (but Discovery still distributes this Cox owned channel)
    AMC HD
    The Cooking Channel HD (when Scripps kills off FLN and rebrands is as The Cooking Channel)
    QVC HD (ooh, ahh in HD!)
    Lifetime HD
    Lifetime Movie Network HD
    History International HD
    fuse HD
    Investigation Discovery HD
    IFC HD


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