AT&T launches U-verse in N. Carolina and Florida

AT&T has launched its U-verse IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service in both Raleigh, NC and Orlando, FL. The U-verse television/internet/voice service provides all-digital programming (350 channels) including a selection of HD channels.

In North Carolina, the areas include Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary and Garner. The introduction of U-verse TV in those areas is two years in the making and will bring competition to cable television providers.

AT&T has not announced the specific areas in NC, fearing a quick response from competitor Time Warner Cable. Instead, AT&T will notify residents of the new television option by mail, that according to The News & Observer.

AT&T says it offers at least 85 HD channels in every market and recording of up to 4 streams (2 in high definition) with their U-verse DVR. For a list of the HD channels AT&T offers visit their site.

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3 Replies to “AT&T launches U-verse in N. Carolina and Florida”

  1. jibeaux says:

    I would give up a meal a day to be able to ditch TWC. (Can’t do satellite due to the trees.) The website still shows it as not available in my area. Come on, A T & T. Raleigh’s waiting.

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