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‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ goes back 3500 years

This week Lucas Arts introduced a new chapter in the Star Wars galaxy. Star Wars: The Old Republic will be a massive multi-player game set 3,500 years before Annakin Skywalker was born, when the Old Republic and the Sith Empire divided the galaxy.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is being developed by BioWare who developed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) released in 2003. “The Old Republic” will take place 300 years after the “Knights of the Old Republic,” following the Jedi Civil War.

In the MMO, players will choose whether to take the Jedi or Sith path and make choices that will determine their own story line. According to Lucas Arts and Bioware, “The Old Republic” will differ from most MMOs which focus mainly on exploration, combat, and progression. A significant part of the the game will focus on interactive storylines.

This will be the second online Star Wars game from Lucas Arts. Star Wars Galaxies was released in November of 2003 but will remain a separate world from “The Old Republic.”

No release date, or even a hint, has been announced for “The Old Republic.” You can learn more about the new chapter at www.swtor.com.


  1. what is the piont in having an MMO if cant explore the galaxy. i think a game that will let u go anywhere at your own leasure is more fun than wastin gyur tiem on one world. the star wars galaxy is made up of several worlds and the games of star wars should reflect that.


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