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Vudu ups HD content with 1080p quality

The set-top box that offers a library of movies via internet connection has now added high-definition content in 1080p. VUDU revealed yesterday its new HDX format which is supposed to rival other internet HD quality formats. However, due to its superior quality and resulting larger file size, the format is available for download only.

VUDU currently has 50 HD movies available in the HDX format, and will eventually be making all their HD titles available in the format. VUDU offers a choice between an instant stream of HD content in 720p or 1080i, or a downloadable 1080p version.

The HDX format offers Blu-ray quality downloads at 1080p and 24 frames-per-second, and is optimized for 40-inch and larger HDTVs. The audio quality, according to VUDU, has a 40 percent higher bit-rate than standard surround sound DVDs.

The HDX format uses VUDU’s TruFilm technology that optimizes the encoding, transmission and display of content. Some of the features of TruFilm include: Psychovisual Processing (enhances dark areas of picture), Film Grain Preservation (retains original film grain quality), Statistical Variable Bitrate (improves extreme details and motion segments) and Color Gradient Processing (optimizes picture for current LCDs and Plasmas).

HDX downloads cost the same as VUDU’s instant HD downloads. However, long download times may have viewers settling for 720p or 1080i formats. You’ll want to have a really fast internet connection if you are thinking of getting a VUDU box. Anything less than cable or fiber-optic just won’t do.


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