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DTVPal Plus, the new Digital-Converter box from DISH

DISH released the DTVPal Plus, a new digital-to-analog converter for the DTV transition happening in February. The DTVPal Plus has apparently improved upon the DTVPal by adding a better tuner to maximize coverage of weak channel signals. However, the “Plus” also means extra dollars.

Priced at $69.99, the converter will cost you $29.99 with the use of a federal $40 coupon. Most other converters I have seen go for $59.99, or $19.99 with the coupon. The DTVPal Plus is an extra $10 more. Are these converters overpriced? Yes. Is the DTVPal Plus overpriced? Yeah, but if you are going to pay $19.99 what’s another $10 if it promises improved reception.

However, I’m not sure how this will work out. If a signal is weak, it’s weak. From my experience, only better positioning of the antenna or use of a stronger antenna has improved channel reception. What I would expect is that even if it can grab weaker channels, it may drop more frames than channels with a strong signal.


  1. Started using DTVPal Plus January 2009 and it is picking up nearly one dozen additional digital stations I was unable to receive with antenna and amplifier on my Toshiba LCD digital TV.


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