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‘Survivor’ to premiere in HD, CNET offers HD preview

CBS reality show Survivor will premiere in high-definition (HD) this season with Survivor: Gabon – Earth’s Last Eden. Scheduled to air Thursday, Sept. 25 at 8:00 PM, fans are able to get a sneak preview of the reality show, as CNET is offering a 3-1/2 minute preview online using their new HD-Video player.

‘Survivor: Gabon’ will be the 17th edition in the Survivor series and the first to be aired in high definition. Gabon is a country in west central Africa sharing borders with Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo and the Gulf of Guinea. Its rainforest system, which covers 85-percent of the country, is sure to be visually stunning in HD. Host Jeff Probst has said it is probably the most remote location they have ever been to.

The online preview offered by CNET will feature “Survivor in HD: Behind the Scenes”, “Castaway Preview by Jeff Probst”, a “Tour of the Tribal Council”, and the opening scene of the first episode. You preview the clips at http://cnet.com/survivor. Full episodes of Survivor: Gabon – Earth’s Last Eden in high-definition will be available on the CBS website following the broadcast.

“The premiere of SURVIVOR in HD and the launch of CNET’s new HD player coincide nicely, providing a unique promotional opportunity to serve SURVIVOR’S rabid fans and CNET’s audience of tech enthusiasts with an early look at the new season and its new technology,” said George Schweitzer, Chief Marketing Officer, CBS Corporation.


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