Dish satellite breaks orbit, more HD channels to follow

Dish Network, who suffered a serious setback earlier in the year when its satellite failed to reach orbit, has successfully launched its EchoStar XI satellite. The satellite, which will increase the number of Dish’s high-definition channels, was launched early this morning, July 16.

Dish says with this successful launch it will have the capacity to broadcast 150 HD channels by the end of the year. This will put them in a good position to compete with rival satellite co. DirecTV in the high-definition battle.

DISH has also announced TurboHD, an all-HD programming package that would allow customers to pay for only high-definition channels.

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One Reply to “Dish satellite breaks orbit, more HD channels to follow”

  1. john schureman says:

    When will Dish network bring back Voom network?

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