HD decides where Super Bowl will be watched

comcast logoA survey from Comcast says that HD will decide where and how football fans will watch the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots vs. The New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII is a must watch in high definition. Come to think of it, wasn’t HD invented just for football?

The survey conducted by Comcast found that 47% of consumers expect to make an effort to watch the Super Bowl in HD. That number breaks down into 52% of men and 41% of women. Also, the study found that 35% of consumers are “more likely to host a Super Bowl party of their own if they have the HD experience at home, while 43% said they’re more likely to accept an invitation to a Super Bowl party thrown by someone else if the host offers the HD experience for the game.”

“Buying a new HDTV is like driving to the goal line-but to score the touchdown, you need the best high-definition service,” said Derek Harrar, Senior VP and General Manager of Video Services for Comcast. “Comcast gives customers the best picture, the most choices and the easiest way to get HD in time for the Super Bowl-no one else can match our HD experience.”

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