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What You Need To Get HD Channels Over-the-Air

Even though it's been close to nine years since the DTV conversion (when analog TV signals ceased to exist) and twenty years since the...

How To Cut-the-Cord and Watch Free HD Channels Over-the-Air

Have you been thinking about "cutting the cord" and going with internet-only based programming from a service such as CBS All Access, Sling TV,...

Cut the Cord & Go with Free TV Over-the-Air?

Thinking of "cutting the cord?" Or maybe you already have? With plenty of options out there between Hulu, Netflix, and other internet services it's...

Xbox One TV Tuner now available in US & Canada

Microsoft is now selling an over-the-air TV tuner for the Xbox One console that captures TV signals via an old school antenna. The tuner,...

CBS blacked out on your TV? Get free HD channels using...

Are you missing your favorite shows on CBS because of the Time Warner Cable and DIRECTV disputes? Try using an antenna to get the...

Samsung confirms acquisition of Boxee

Samsung has confirmed the acquisition of Boxee this afternoon, raising eyebrows and questions about what the South Korean-based electronics giant will do with the...

Home Depot selling Winegard antennas for free HD channels

Home Depot is now selling Winegard brand TV antennas that are capable of capturing free over-the-air (OTA) HD channels. The store is stocking both...

Watch local TV live on iPad & iPhone

Want to watch local TV on your iPad for free? Elgato recently released the EyeTV Mobile TV tuner for Apple iPad and iPhone, which...

DIRECTV free Universal Sports channel preview

Wanna catch some sporting events you might not normally see on your current sports channel lineup? DIRECTV is currently offering a free preview of...

Boxee Live TV USB tuner to ship Jan. 2012

Boxee has starting taking pre-orders a USB dongle that'll allow you to watch live TV over-the-air. The USB-connecting device looks like other DTV tuners such as the Pinnacle PCTV and the Elgato Eye TV, with a male USB connector on one side and female coaxial cable connector for your antenna on the other.