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Cut the Cord & Go with Free TV Over-the-Air?

dtv-converter-boxThinking of “cutting the cord?” Or maybe you already have? With plenty of options out there between Hulu, Netflix, and other internet services it’s a lot easier to get the programming you want without having to pay a cable or satellite bill every month. But those services typically provide older content. New, fresh, and live content comes from the traditional “Big 4” networks: NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX. For years the “Big 4” have provided Americans with daytime shows like Oprah and All My Children, primetime TV shows like American Idol and LOST, local news, major sports events like the MLB playoffs, and night time programming such as Jay Leno. If you can live with just the programming the “The Big 4” provide over-the-air for free, you can “cut the cord” tomorrow.

Local broadcast stations provide those networks and more via digital transmissions. And, the programs are available in both Standard-Definition (SD) and High-Definition (HD) resolution. Can you live with a limited number of networks? Here are several more channels you might receive digitally, over-the-air.

PBS (Public Broadcast Service) is also available for free over-the-air. The channel broadcasts documentaries, plays, science shows, and other educational programs absolutely free and in HD.

News channel IND can be found in several cities across the US.

Warner Bros./CBS Corporation’s The CW is also available in many areas, focusing on women’s programming such as The Vampire Diaries and America’s Next Top Model.

Many cities also carry Christian network TBN which broadcasts faith-related programming.

Spanish language channels UNIVISION and TELEMUNDO are also available in some cities.

And, the CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC also broadcast programming on sub-channels. For example, NBC broadcasts USN (Ultimate Sports Network) on one of its sub-channels.

For a full list of available DTV stations across the country, visit DTV.gov/stationlist.


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