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Deal Alert: ‘Alien Anthology’ 6-Disc Blu-ray Collection just $20

Today only, Amazon is offering a huge discount on the Alien Anthology from 20th Century Fox. The 6-disc collection contains both theatrical and special...

Alien Anthology 6-Disc Blu-ray just $19.99

How we pass this one up? Amazon has got the "Alien Anthology" on Blu-ray for just $19.99 today. The six-disc boxed set contains both...

Alien Anthology Blu-ray only $29 today

When we spot a deal like this, we've just got to let you know. The Alien Anthology on Blu-ray is only $29.99 today. The price reflects a 63% discount off the MSRP price of $79.98.

Blu-ray Deal of the Week: Alien(s) single-discs

Amazon's Blu-ray Deal of the Week this time includes Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien: Resurrection all dropped down 64% to $12.49 each. All four...

Blu-ray Deal: ‘Alien Anthology’ boxed set

Most weeks we report on Amazon's "Blu-ray Deal of the Week," focusing on box sets marked down by at least 50%. This week is no exception. The Alien Anthology, no doubt one of the best BD releases of 2010, is marked down 62% (or $87) from the original list price of $139.99. The box set includes all four Alien movies: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection, along with tons of extras, archive materials, and documentary features making this six-disc set a steal at $52.99.

Blu-ray Picks of the Week for May 10th

This week on Blu-ray we've got the Alien set, now available as stand-alone Blu-ray discs, and a load of Digibook releases on BD that are definitely worth a purchase for your HD library. Also recommended are some Digibook releases, including Patton and Master and Commander. Other blu-ray discs to hit the shelves are Blue Valentine, one of the best films of 2010, and a Criterion release of a very fun Jonathan Demme movie, Something Wild, that may be worth a rental or even a buy. For Marilyn Monroe fans, a few classic films come your way and offer BD-quality transfers of old faves.

User Poll: Avatar wins Best Blu-ray Disc of 2010

In our annual user poll of the Best Blu-ray Disc Movie of the Year it comes as no surprise that Avatar (3-Disc Extended Edition) received...

What is the best Blu-ray movie of 2010?

Here's our annual polling of the best Blu-ray Disc movie of the year. 2010 was a great year for Blu-ray most weeks, and this...

Save 50% on Alien Anthology Blu-ray set

This week save 50% on the Alien Anthology Blu-ray box set. The $139 six-disc collection from 20th Century Fox is now selling for $69...

Wrapping up the week in HD

In case you missed any HD news last week, here's a wrap up of the more significant stories we came across. Of most significance,...